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All without any hint of love or care There isn t even any aftercare that you would at least see in a bdsm storyThe author even points out LOVED this extensive look at a couple that already had me purring from a personal fave Maintenance Night I thought Troy was demanding and HAWT in that He s scorching in TSWC And he s not alone He s joined by a whole town of Alphas that all believe in a firm and Heavy Hand What Could A hand What could a ask for Lacey s in a constant state of arousal and trepidation She s also in the enviable pickle of being the pick of two of those Alphas her ever lovin hubby Troy and his eually loveable bestie Hunter The sex is hot the punishments are even hotter Yet that s not what has my 5 love I don t usually do this but I m still gushing and want to share the bits that went beyond the usual steaminess for me It was the control mostly the nowledge the usual steaminess for me It was the control mostly the nowledge her implacable husband held her in the palm of his hand and no matter what it took no matter how many tears he had to make her shed he would make sure her will bent to his And she wouldn t want it any other way It s these glimpses into characters mindsets that really sets the stage for all of the schmexy action The book opens with what would characters mindsets that really sets the stage for all of the schmexy action The book opens with what would the peak of all that piues in any other DDDsDark Romance story but it s only the beginning with this one The story steadily climbs with new characters and increased intrigue never letting up on the depth to the delicious POVs And it was a dynamic that brought them both even closer A deep love strengthened by pain tempered by ordeal reinforced by trust It was something sweet and terrible all at once Lacey new she was a very lucky girl indeed A succinct yet poignant examination of DD from the sub side cannot be found Amongst all of the stimulating undressed moments the emotive aspects of those involved were eually addressed Somehow it made it easier and even sexual when she A Fairly Honourable Defeat knew the man paddling her was aroused by it Long ago she d learned to stop uestioning that accepting that it was just part of her as integral to her as any other part of her personality Allinksters will be nodding their head in appreciation of this sweet confession To find a man who wouldn t fall prey to her guile her excuses her charms A man who was strong enough to bend her will to his no matter what yet be that rock that foundation that refuge of love that she still needed See super sweet and HAWT rightOoh I forgot to mention the Sheriff in these here partsI won t ruin it but this is suspense than I m used to with a Trent Evan s book Knowing this is going to be a series has me smiling and wondering who will do what to whom in the next installmentLovedOnly problem Book 2 isn t out yet Mr Cliff Hanger and I will be not so patiently waiting for it. Rk when an entire town followed that same strict and seductive way of life Submerging himself into both the town's alluring sensual ethos and the highly sexual dance of pain and pleasure of Troy and Lacey's deep BDSM dynamic might prove than even the tough and adventurous Hunter could handle But outside forces threaten to expose the dark history and perhaps present of White Valley and the new bonds of three between Hunter Lacey and Troy might soon be tested in ways none of them could ever be prepared for Publisher's Warning Intended for mature readers 18 and over only Contains MFM menage pervasive BDSM themes and sexual situations NOTE There is no sexual interaction between the males in this story.

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Found myself missing the usual ending to disciplinary sessions Don t get me wrong there was sex and it was glorious when it happened it just didn t always happen and I m a greedy ho like that I also found some of Mr Evens descriptions a bit verbose so much so at times that they tended to obfuscate his word not mine rather than add to the scene Side note I also hate hate hate the word turgid as mentioned in several of my other reviews There is nothing sexy about this wordOtherwise I highly recommend this if you re a fan of domestic discipline and I m anxiously awaiting the second book Spankmeister s and Voyeur s Fantasy ParadiseSadist s Own Private DisneyWorld The sadist s fantasy world is White Valley The men are all on power trips to see who can embarrass humiliate and spank their wife into submission and it s mostly done in public The husbands brag to each other about the punishments they hand out to their wives Each wife is reuired to eep a journal of her transgressions during the week then the men all take their wives to the meeting room and they are all publicly punished with bare bottoms on display for any other man to leer at To me the men were much too gleeful in handing out spankings with paddles floggers straps and beltsI just don t see any love here in this book Lacey is just an object for her husband Troy to abuse and amuse himself with Lacey s mental problems stemming from her total lack of self esteem and self preservation make her incapable of adult decisions There is no aftercare by the rough gruff men in this book I was frankly upset that most of the men were also Portrayed As Military Veterans What as military veterans What up with *ThatTroy Gets Entirely Too Much *gets entirely too much pleasure from watching other men s wives be spanked and abused in all sorts of twisted ways He gets off on itMaybe the author means to have the book serve as some ind of shock jock book exercise Maybe his hope is to write something so over the top that it creates some sort of reader s sensation Thus his goal is attracting additional readers similar to the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenonAll I can say is This is Crazy Man Leave me out of this sick twisted sadist s utopia There is only so far a sadist s desires can go before it becomes torture and abuse It s a fine line the author toe dances along throughout the book The Author indly fronted me this book for my VOLUNTARY AND HONEST REVIEW THANK YOU TRENTTHE BOOK ENDS and Honest Review Thank You TrentThe book ends a cliffhanger Now that makes some people REALLY mad The descriptions of this book are very deceptive This isn t a town full of sensual happenings This book is just plain cruelty towards women The title of the book is like calling Mount Everest a bump These wives are publicly humiliated punished beaten stripped even given over for use to other men. To see both his best friend and his curvy gorgeous wife A few days wouldn't ill him right But what Troy had neglected to tell him was that the town was much than met the eye Could Hunter really only visit for a short time when it became plain that life in the close nit community was something straight out of a spanko's deepest darkest fantasy Sure in Lacey and Troy's marriage it was always crystal clear whom the head of household was Troy gave the orders and Lacey obeyed them Exploring a place like White Valley was just the start though for Troy wanted his best friend to explore the possibility of something much intimate and the bewitching Lacey did too A Ds marriage was one thing but how would it wo. I find it very funny that in all his MFM menage books Mr Evans is uick to assure us that There is no sexual interaction between the males in *THIS STORYCAN T HELP WONDERING WHY *storyCan t help wondering why thought writersreaders of dark erotica were supposed to be so open minded while What the heck happenedI love a good BDSM book like the rest of them but so much What the heck happenedI love a good BDSM book like the rest of them but so much this book had nothing to do with the women but about men lording power over their women and the spankings and canes Nothing in this book was love it was abuse Try to fluff it up all you want but that s what it is Not interested in a book like this at all save your money and your time Wow what a crazy town that must be to be part of It s like Bdsm fantasy comes to life in a small town setting A bit of a cliff but very good I can t wait to read the next book The Spanked Wives Club is a well written erotic fantasy about a small town in the mountains where everyone has agreed to consensual domestic discipline It is hot steamy and very very wet Trent does a great job of varying his sexual descriptions and they never felt trite or overused Except his breast descriptions If anything told me this book was by a male write This book takes place a few months after Maintenance week Troy and Lacey are living in White Valley They are exploring their new found deep BDSM dynamic The town of White valley is not for everyone just like a Trent Evans book The people all live the lifestyle but they favor the darker deeper and extreme forms of DD Ds or Ms There is petplay humiliation and TPE Darker desires and fantasy can all be explored For Lacey and Troy this means introducing Hunter into their way of life and the town of White Valley Hunter is torn does he act on his feelings and desires or does he walk away from it all As always there is a lot of attention to people s emotions their feelings and desires And this book will also leave you all hot and botheredI voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader s Copy of this book This new Trent Evans book is full of strict discipline and ends with a cliffhanger It s the ind of Ds that s a little darker than I m used to reading but I did enjoy it It would be uite an experience to live in a community where the spanking of wives and other forms of discipline are so widely and openly practiced I m looking forward to reading the next part Spankalicious for sure this book definitely lives up to its name More about discipline than sex it tells the tale of a city built around the principles a husband s right to have strict dominion over his wife In an idyllic setting where privacy is all but ensured the city has freedom to perform their rituals and ceremonies that add to the wives humiliation and degradation It was well hot However while it s done extremely well The Spanked Wives Club was much than a place For an entire town it was a way of life Moving to White Valley a picturesue mountain town high in the Cascades of Washington state seemed like a dream come true for Lacey But as a strictly disciplined spanked wife she new there was always a catch when it came to anything her husband Troy wanted Alpha male right down to his bones it wasn't always easy toeing the line for her darkly handsome Lord and Master Nothing came without complications or a well spanked bare bottom And Lacey wouldn't have it any other way For the ex Ranger Hunter agreeing to visit Troy's new town wasn't exactly a hard decision Isolated alpine beauty a sleepy resort lifestyle and a chance. ,

The Spanked Wives Club