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A train f events that ultimately leads to Robert Winnett and Gordon Rayner getting hold f the the incriminating disk through the checking and gradually realizing what they have through to the expose through to the ramifications that have so far come aboutThe prose is very engaging making you "feel like you are right there with them "like you are right there with them events unfold and any wannabe Journalist will feel the excitement and tension as if they were actually in n itI couldn t put this book down and this is definitely a must read for anyone who has any interest in British politics Love the story behind the story element as well as the backlash against The Telegraph itself Makes you realise that money is the root f all evilMade

mad Mind blowing the level arrogance that UK MPs had with their expenses and this is from someone used to sleaze in politics As all. 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In 2009 British politics was to be shook "to its very core when a scandal so "its very core when a scandal so it brought the British political elite to their knees forcing the resignation f the speaker Still Side by Side of the Housef Commons for the first time in Oriori No Uta over 300 yearsIn the midstf the biggest recession in a generation MP s were exposed to be fiddling their expenses scamming millions Four Word Film Reviews outf the public purse for their Keep Calm, Alice Is Here Affirmations Workbook Positive Affirmations Workbook Includes own personal profit getting the tax payer to foot the bill for thousandsf pounds Crystal Decoder on doing up their homes gardening costs running into tensf thousands then avoiding paying tax You Owe Me One on the salef their main home paid for by the tax payer No Expenses Spared is the story Debbie Browns Dream Wedding Cakes of the unfoldingf these historic events brought to you from the bunker by the journalists told right from the beginning when a right from the beginning when a freedom information reuest by an American journalist starts. 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The dodgy claims have already been exposed MP s shamed and careers terminated there s little to learn about the expense claims themselves However I found it interesting how a Newspaper handles a scoop to maximise their sales and prevent competitors hijacking their stories The Book is very self congratulatory with constant references to their investigative work for a scoop which basically somebody knocked n the front door with It s also uite irritating how Winnett and Rayner write about themselves in the third person The authors repeatedly mention their political impartiality "When Publishing The Expense "publishing the expense but it becomes apparent they were far chummy and accommodating with the Tories A good read though and in fairness well handled by the Telegraph who at least published every MP s claims whilst True Prosperity other papers wanted to cherry pick the Baddies. 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