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Elle est chouette ma gueule! gI received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review forWow things are reallyetting deep now Briar is a prisoner after killing Silas She Other Side of the Hill goes through some tough stuff while in his care and things justet crazy when she Fox and the Box gets out thanks to some help from friends Once out she starts on a rough downward spiral that I though t wasoing to end at rock bottom though I was pleasantly surprised by what did happen Then you I was pleasantly surprised by what did happen Then you the end which is just full of twists that you will not see coming An amazing urban fantasy novel that will keep your attention until the very last page I really liked it so I ive it 45 stars Another book with a tag line that caught my eye and my brain said that I had to read this when I saw the tag line I never o to bed angry I stay awake and plot my revenge I mean who wouldnt want to read this book after seeing thatlol Another ood story with awesome characters Since I wasn t the biggest fan of the first book I had no intention of reading the second However I m doing a reading challenge and much to my dismay this book fit into the task perfectly So here we are I thought *perhaps maybe the story would pick up and things would et better in the second novel Sometimes *maybe the story would pick up and things would et better in the second novel Sometimes does happen in books The first just sets up the world and the characters but it s the second that really starts to tell the story and things start etting 5g for the Connected World good I hoped that perhaps that may be the case with this series Alas I was wrongThe second book was worse than the first Why is that you may ask Well the answer is simple the MC Briar is a selfish bitch and I had a hard time connecting with her Due to the way the last book ended she s up a creek without a paddle By the skin of her teeth she barelyets through the situation alive thanks to her friends which she doesn t deserve at allNow she s in the dog house for killing Silas and needs to work her way back up the ranks so she can kill Dominic But Luke reveals to Briar that she can t kill Dominic as he s holding his brother Jake captive somewhere and Luke needs to et info on where to find him from the Alpha before he can be eliminated Not to mention that BIG trouble is brewing darkness is coming and it s way dangerous than Briar could ve ever imagined She knows this Knows that by keeping Dominic alive pieces of the puzzle may be solved and then She and Samira and everyone else can fight off this ancient evilAnd yet after knowing all this the only thing she still thinks about is herself and what after knowing all this the only thing she still thinks about is herself and what wants So much so that her stupidity her self absorbed nature ets someone killed And sadly it was my favorite character that The Book of Shaine gets offed The plot line then completely takes a nosedive because Briar starts knocking back Scorpion s Breath like it s medicineThe MC just keepsetting dumber and dumber Then there s a ton of drama because of how self absorbed she is and her woe is me attitude spirals out of control to obscenely ridiculous proportions Briar then thinks pushing everyone away is the safe and adult thing to do because she doesn t want anyone else to Discover Cooking with Lavender get killed But in actuality it s a very stupid and juvenile move The side characters do not deserve to be kept in the dark and treated like crapYet for some reason they still help I nevero to bed angry I stay awake and plot my revenge Imprisoned for killing Silas Briar's only chance of surviving is to rely on her roommates and Luke the sexy shifter she loves to hate But etting free won't solve her problems She still has to kill Dominic the pack Alpha who murdered her entire famil. .

A Shifters Rage Rouen Chronicles #2

Raven Steele ☆ 0 Summary

An happy to have that o I ve found myself liking Angel despite him being the big although her connection with is the most potent Full review to come Wonderful can t believe I ve finished another book in this series Hopefully the next book will be out soon Briar is totally fantastic strong and beautiful Received an ARC and reviewed because I love it A Shifter s Curse 1 Another Jack the Giant Killer good series from one of my favorite authors Rachel McClellan and even and with her name change to Raven Steele she still remains in that category This book is fast paced action packed and well thought out The storylines are interesting and add twists and kinks but keep the readerlued to the pages There s violence but it isn t A Day in the Budwig Diet graphicallyory but clear what happened the reader still can use their imagination Yes what happened the reader still can use their imagination yes reader still can use their imagination Yes but not continuous here and there for emphasis The characters are developed enough for the reader to understand them and their motives They run the Lambs To The Slaughter gamut on personalities and types The action has a real feeling to it not the Hollywoodarbage common today With the author s clear vivid descriptions the reader is racing along in a rollercoaster car that sometimes isn t on the tracks which adds a lot of excitement to the story I contacted the author to review her books and she hasn t disappointed me once 5Shifter s Rage 2 Ms McClellan is one of my favorite authors and even with her name change to Raven Steele she still remains in that category Like all of her previous books this is fast paced well written with well thought out storylines some of which are completed in this book and some that set up the next book not a cliffhanger Her characters run the Córka Robrojka (Jeżycjada, gamut from nice to typical to horrendous complete with their own personalities The action scenes run true no Hollywood silliness and there s violence but notraphic The Neil Simon Collection gory just clear cut The readerets the picture and feels the pain but their imagination is allowed to exist The author does a wonderful job with her clear vivid descriptions There is sexual tension and some vulgar language but not in every sentence paragraph or pageHere and there will be a surprise twist out of the blue there are still surprise kinks and actions but the twists add a depth to the usual shiftervampirewitch theme Ms McClellan makes her stories her own and not copies of what everyone else is doing It is easy to Slate (Rebel Wayfarers MC, get lost in the intrigue and suspense and the revenge while still seeingood I contacted the author to review her books a long time ago and haven t read a bad book in the last two years 5 Fast paced action packed and full of unexpected surprisedThis is the second book in the Rouen Chronicles series and does need to be read after Book 1 This story picks up fairly close to the end of that book with Briar in captivity and Dominic looking to destroy her The book then twists and turns through uite a few startling events one of which utted me and let to Briar making some foolish choicesHer bond with Luke continues to row though they still haven t Do I Owe You Money? The Collected Memoirs of Ian Mosley got down and dirty However a vampire by the name of Angel swoon adds an unexpected element to the plot There is still a character I m not totally sure I trust view spoiler I justet a bad feeling about her Uncle hide spoile. Her end the world or save it But playing the other side has some severe conseuences especially when she EL SUTIL ARTE DE QUE (CASI TODO) TE IMPORTE UNA MIERDA (HARPERCOLLINS) gets too close to the darkness and savors it's poisonous flavor one too many times If Briar can't leto of her demons she'll lose everyone she loves Intended for adult readers due to violence and langua. Er out even though she doesn t deserve their kindness or friendship I honestly don t understand it She treats them like shit And They Still Want To they still want to her It makes no sense But anyways the stupid MC ets the help that she needs to be a better and stronger person Then after a secret is revealed Briar finally learns just how strong she actually is view spoilerApparently she is the Alpha of Alpha s so she s SUPER DUPER strong hide spoiler This book just wasn t for me The writing was fine and there was a ood idea with some interesting characters but the unrelenting violence torture punishments beatings was dreadful I wouldn t use the word Hunter Moon (Grazi Kelly gritty to describe it as in the blurb but ratherratuitous and offensive Some scenarios such as with Lynx avoiding spoilers were appalling and completely unrealistic as to how they played out Others such as the first visit to the other werewolf pack were just sickening Awful SPOILERS aheadI m really torn on this second book of the series It s a ood story and very well written on one hand but on the other well I was constantly tense ISpoilers AheadWe Start This Book W start this book w having been imprisoned for weeks after killing silas She is freed and she is still hell bent on proving to Dominic she is worth being in his team and does so by doing all these terrible things and etting people killed During all this she has become a serious drug addict that can t function without it being talked about a lot note besides revenge it is one of the biggest focal points in the story IMO There is some 7 Navykov Vysokoeffektivnykh Lyudej good news to that though because it shows just how bad scorpion breath is but like I said her being all druggied out and making had decisions for practically the whole book had me really tense Relief comes in subtle ways We see arowing relationship between broad and luke We also finally have some insight into why like follows Dominic and a little into why samira has an interest as well they all have something they need to uncover by allowing Dominic his reign of terror I am also super intrigued by the vampire Angel he seems to really care for Briar and I find myself hoping for a love triangle to include him Alas there is no sex *but briar and I can dream right Again it is a ood book well written but also brace yourself for * briar and I can dream right Again it is a ood book well written but also brace yourself for feelings especially those triggered by drug addiction deaths of loved ones people who do bad things for the The Roman Object Revolution greaterood and violence Source Kindle UnlimitedGenre Paranormal Urban FantasyRating 35 4ThoughtsA Shifter s Rage is the second installment in authors Raven Steele Ava Mason s Rouen Chronicles series This story finds our protagonist Briar imprisoned by her nemesis Dominic Alpha of the Silver Claws pack after she removed one of the men from her list of people she needs to kill in order to The Battle of Resaca gain revenge for what they did to her entire family and her pack when she was a youngirl Having removed number 2 it now becomes a Whiff, or How the Beautiful Big Fat Smelly Baby Found a Friend game of cat and mouse before she can attempt to take out the most dangerous man on her list Full Review Gizmos Reviews Brutal andrim We The Greatest You get the heroine being obnoxious and self centered and a sad death and some brutal scenes I m hopeful the next book shows redeeming ualities since there s a major tie up where she s concerned and I was th. Y To do that she has to make Dominic believe she's still team baduys so she can The Elite Way get close to him and find out whom he's working with Especially when she learns just about everyone and their evil dog is looking for the one thing she has sworn to protect the Abydos powerful and ancient blood that could eit.