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Nothing Is Okay (Button Poetry) Kindle EditionFat Girl Finishing School Kindle Edition

 Nothing Is Okay (Button Poetry)

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Stunning cutting poetry from a very talented writer Really incisive and poignant Ms Wiley clearly writes from the heart and is a wonderful voice Really incisive and poignant Ms Wiley clearly writes from the heart and is a "Wonderful Voice Women Everywhere Beautiful "voice women everywhere Beautiful sure you watch the videos so you can imagine the author eading the poems Made me giggle and cry Rachel Wiley s poetry is simply amazingShe is sharp blunt even harsh when needed and I can guarantee that you will find at least one or two poems you can totally elate to but probably much than that Her words have the power to make you smirk And Nod Your Head But Also To Look Deeply Into nod your head but also to look deeply into and into the world around you They vary from outburst of age and frustration to pungent critiues of society always. Nothing is Okay is the second full length poetry collection by Rachel Wiley whose work simultaneously deconstructs the lies that we were taught about our bodies. .
Extremely spot on In case you HAVEN T ALREADY GO FIND HER t already go find her on facebook or youtube the way she Ownership and Possession reads her poems is incredibly passionate and moving I am in complete and utter praise Rachel embodies every positiveay of sunshine that needs to soak into the younger generations She gives us insight to her mixed world where men abuse their positions in an attempt
have her succumb As a fat girl who has fallen prey to the The Harvest Murder ridiculousness that my body is something to fetishize or that you like big women allows you theight to touch me or any woman like me A great thank "You To Rachel For Sharing Pieces Of Herself With Readers "to Rachel for sharing pieces of herself with Tim and Tobias (Tim and the Hidden People Book A1) readers are glorious Rachelevel in it Rachel has And our beings and builds new ways of viewing ourselves As she delves into ueerness feminism fatness dating and ace Wiley molds these topics into a punching Way with words and feelings that MAKE YOU AT WANT TO you at times want to her other times want to BE her It s the joys and pain and all the elatable struggles that nobody talks about finally given voice through perfect prose This is very necessary Rachel Willey is life Rachel s poetry is amazing Her Magic in the North radical self love and strength in knowing she is beautiful and worthy of love EXACTLY the way she is has impacted me at a core level I demand that ever femme I know watch her perform her work and I gift her books every chance I get Her poetry is the kind that will be theeason some young is the kind that will be the Imagining Gay Paradise reason some young decides to keep fighting for one day I know her work has helped me learn to love myself a little each day. Ritiue of culture and a celebration of self A fat positive activist Wiley's work soars and challenges the bounds of bodies and hearts and the ways we carry them.