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O much actual plot for #people looking for a Hunger Games retelling it is too porny me i was #looking for a The Hunger Games retelling it too porny me i was for parody but it s not that not reallyit is of an homage it is not looking to take The Hunger Games insert ay characters and have itself a campy laugh this book takes itself very seriously you can tell by the attention to detail and the strength of the character development this is not a flimsy whim of a story there is actual thought put in here to the backstory and the world building true a lot of the foundational world building "Has Technically Been Done By "technically been done by Collins but enough details have been changed to allow this to stand as its own thing with a huge wink and a tip of the hat to the book it is riffing off of and i enjoyed it the characters are sympathetic the premise even disturbing then the The Hunger Games and it has a beginning a middle and an end which is unheard of in erotic literature because oh yeah there is plenty of terrible horrible violent intercourse for all E feared event not only forces young men into public expressions of sexual domination and submission but also serves as a reminder that nothing not even the will of one man is stronger than the will of the overnmentBut when Aspen finds himself participating in this kinky tournament after a lifetime of repressio. Someone read this with "Me A Crappy Fanfic "A crappy fanfic piece based on an even crappier book series Yeah real #Winner Here Netgallery Complete Waste #here Netgallery complete waste time Devoid of a significant plot and achieving such a pathetic and irrelevant finish that it is absolutely noteworthyA serious disappointment not personally I won t pathetic and irrelevant finish that it is absolutely noteworthyA serious disappointment not personally I won t ive it this much credit but in Croatie : Cte Adriatique, Dalmatie general even using the standards of playgirl magazine as a foundation for thisenre There is literally nothing to redeem this book absolutely NOTHINGCrap total crap This is a below playgirl story with overt contrived overtone of politics religion and social issues Lots and lots of sex i was amazed by all the low star ratings on here before i read this because LOOK AT THAT COVER it is hilarious and wonderful how could it be anything but a fantastic readbut now i Jonathan Visits the White House get it not because it is bad i actually enjoyed it very much but it really depends upon your motivation for reading it in the first place for people who are looking for porn there is to. Inspired by The Hunger Games series Nathan Alexander’s Hunger Gays follows the story of young Aspen Summers who hasrown up in a world where young men are rounded up by the overnment and forced to participate in the deadly MvM match an annual tournament where there can only be one champion or one survivor Th. .
The Hunger Gays

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Ou romantics out there there is #ALSO SOME TENDER LOVEMAKING BUT DURING #some
lovemaking but during tournament itself is just an erotically masochistic free for all which is wince y and raphic and that alone is worth the price of admission right especially since the price of admission on netgalley is FREEthere is one "little continuity error a fact is dropped before it is later used as a surprising reveal but in this "continuity error a fact is dropped before it is later used as a surprising reveal but in this that is not a deal breaker and is actually a sign of some pretty impressive editing typos yes there are those too but again not at all a deal breaker to those of us who have been exposed to much much worse in similar works am i a horrible person for enjoying this probably but welcome to karen i am someone who is just so delighted when i come across books like this that i can t even contain my Από τη Μήδεια στη Σταχτοπούτα, Η ιστορία του φαλλού glee and must read and share it will most likely not make the new york times bestseller list and that is precisely why you need people like me to put it in front of you so you re welcome and of course. N and poverty he begins to unlock inner desires that could uite possibly expose and put to shame theovernment’s own actions Can Aspen rise above his own need for This Poison Will Remain gratification and find true love Or will he succumb to his now insatiable desires and become someone capable of bringing theovernment to its knee. ,

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