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I didn t want it to nd Once this "Book Has You In It "has you in it grips it won t let go I started it this morning and literally could not put it down My poor husband probably feels deprived Having received The Perfect Child free as a Kindle First February option I honestly didn t have high Other Side of the Hill expectations These freebie books are hit or miss for me Sometimes they re decent sometimes they absolutely stink and sometimes they slowly mesmerize you with their intensity and unparalleled chaosThe Perfect Child was like thatI was absolutely mesmerized The characters particularly Hannah were so beautifully tragicshe felt very real to me I could relate so very much to her feelings her anxietiesvirtuallyverything Having said that at times I also felt frustrated primarily with Christopher His choices and actions were uestionable Fox and the Box even during the best of times But the character who had my jaw dropping at virtuallyvery turn OF THE PAGE WAS JANIE HOLY COW I DON the page was Janie HOLY COW I don want to say much for fear of giving anything away but Janie may be the best villain I ve read in years Little girl was beyond vile Is the story a bit predictable I d say yes which is why I didn t give it a full 5 stars One of the main threads was incredibly obvious to me but that took nothing away from the story line And there were a couple twists which shocked menot necessarily because they were unexpected but because of how they actually occurred There is also some animal torturedeath which is another deduction for me I HATE animal torture in any book Fair warning I can t nd this review without making the obvious comparisons to Baby Teeth Clearly Lucinda Berry was somewhat inspired by the Zoje Stage novel There are many similar threads throughoutbut the stories diverge nough to make them HBR Guide to Finance Basics for Managers each incredibly readable in their own ways I m a fan fellow readers I haven t checked to see if this is Ms Berry s first novel or not but she has definitely become a must read author in myyes I ll be thinking about this novel for a long long time BEWARE OF SPOILERS A dead meth addict s child being wild proves to be a pretty good read ven though placed far out in the field of unbelievable I m not sure where the nding is though Do regular 6 year old undernourished kids the size of a newborn 5g for the Connected World even crazy ones have the necessary strength to kill a grown up meth addictIs it really all right to ignore that the kid s mentally ill And she s not just blandly ill but bonkers and plenty dangerous to other people not just herselfAll the manipulation they were FULL REVIEW UP Watch the Line Between Fiction and Reality Get Truly Blurred in this Chilling Novel A Perfect October ReadChristopher and Hannah have it allxcept one thing A childThey had pretty much given up all hope until they met JanieJanie was Le Jardin Sur La Glace exposed to unimaginable horrors and abuse and while Christopher and Hannah were aware of her history she seemed like a wonderfu. Ms an instant connection with her and he convinces Hannah they should take her home as their ownBut Janie is no ordinary child and her damaged psyche proves to be than her new parents werexpecting Janie is fiercely devoted to Christopher but she acts out in increasingly disturbing ways directing all her rage at Hannah Unable to bond with Janie Hannah is dr. Christopher was a blind IDIOT I can t tell you how livid he made me How can a supposed intelligent DOCTOR be in such denial And do you want to know what The Book of Shaine else infuriated me The fact that Hate the way Inded my rant Then you ll hate the way the author Discover Cooking with Lavender ended this book Audiobooknarrated by Christine Williams Erin Bennett Dan John MillerThe three voice narrators kept me interested really hookedOne reviewer compared this to Baby Teeth Both books deal with a mentally troubled childBut where Baby Teeth was fiction nonsense in which several of my friends who are child therapists agree Baby Teeth being way out in left field one which few therapists vouch it s realistic ualities in which a young childxpresses she wants daddy to kill mommy whi Jesus What I ve just read This book is very disturbing but I couldn t put it down My motions where all over the place because I didn t know who should I feel sorry for I guess all of them It is a story of the couple Dr Christopher Bauer and his wife Hannah who adopted an abused by her real mom child Jenie I think they underestimated how "Hard It Is To "it is to traumatized childLucinda Berry is a trauma psychologist and she uses her clinical xperience to create psychological thrillers I have to read of her books in the future This is one messed up book and Janie is one messed up child You d think that the psychological thrillers you read the less they will affect you But actually it doesn t work like that If anything your insides instinctively prepare themselves to be disturbed the moment you begin a new thrillerI read this story at night First mistake My second was to take a break from it by taking a shower in my apartment alone at 4 am Normally I don t care I feel safe nough But that night the softest sound unhinged me making me wonder if a Janie like figure was waiting for me outside the bathroom door Needless to say I am happy to be done with this book Lucinda Berry the author is a doctor so she knows what she s talking about She Knows What S Normal knows what s normal what isn t She knows what can drive a person crazy I would be terrified of her but she actually looks really nice And despite the amount of manipulation in this story there is a lot of humanity too It starts like a horror movie and then turns into a happy romantic comedy before settling on drama and suspense and mystery until the nd What I liked most was how wrong I was about A Day in the Budwig Diet everything You think you know what will happen who will die and how they will die but turns out you have no detective skills because your assumptions are 5 km away from the truth The format of thending if that makes sense is an odd choice on the author s part But I am satisfied and relatively impressedBlog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin I m not sure I ve ver read such a crazy intense non stop haunting anxiety producing novelbut only in the best and most desirable way. A page turning debut of suspense about a young couple desperate to have a child of their own and the unsettling conseuences of getting what they always wanted Christopher and Hannah are a happily married surgeon and nurse with picture perfect lives All that’s missing is a child When Janie an abandoned six year old turns up at their hospital Christopher for. ,

L little girl despite it all While Janie took a shine to Christopher and didn t seem to warm up as much to Hannah Hannah was sure that it would just take time Oh how wrong she was This book was a true nail biter in very sense of the word I could not put it down nor could I stop thinking about the characters long after the final page was turned I had never read a book by Lucinda Berry and I was blown away by her talent She puts the word psychological in the psychological thriller I found out that she is a practicing psychologist and her uncanny ability to interpret the brain and behavior was made abundantly clear She also has the capability of writing disturbingly realistic thrillers that leave you trembling wondering Could that Córka Robrojka (Jeżycjada, ever happen to me If you want a uniuedge of your seat psychological thriller Look No Further This book will BLOW YOU AWAY One word to sufficiently describe this book DISTURBINGDr Christopher Bauer and his wife Hannah have been struggling with infertility for years Hannah now 41 has all but given up hope of having children untilA young girl is found abandoned and walking alone through a parking lot covered in blood malnourished and once The Neil Simon Collection examined is found to have multiple old and new bone fractures none of which havever been treated Once thought to be a
toddler it turns 
it turns after surgery that she is actually 6 years old Christopher being an orthopedic surgeon is the one to perform the many surgeries she reuires and from here he keeps a close vigil on young Janie When it comes time for Janie to be released from the hospital and Slate (Rebel Wayfarers MC, entered into the foster care system Christopher is just beside himself Hever so casually brings up to Hannah the idea of them taking in Janie After all this may be the blessing they have been waiting for Hannah is reluctant but nevertheless agrees and from here their lives will never be the same again We have alternating chapters between Christoper Hannah and Piper Janie s social worker and they all work beautifully to move the story forward The ntire time your reading you know that it is leading up to something big but that reveal doesn t come until the last 25% which will have you furiously flipping the pages Lucinda Berry has penned uite the nightmarish tale This was my first read by her but I assure you it will NOT be my last I m going to get my greedy grabby hands on anything she has written 5 terrifying stars This book is not for the faint of heart and has instances of child and animal abuse so if those are triggers for you then I suggest passing this one by There was a knock on the door I peeped behind the curtains to see who it was then I didn t "Bother To Write A "to write a after all I m okay with not having a happy nding but an ENDING would be nice I feel like the book Do I Owe You Money? The Collected Memoirs of Ian Mosley ended in what should have been thend of a chapter Good book although I found the husband Christopher INFURIATIN. Owning under the pressure and Christopher refuses to see Janie’s true natureHannah knows that Janie is manipulating Christopher and isolating him from her despite Hannah’s attempts to bring them all together But as Janie’s behavior threatens to tear Christopher and Hannah apart the truth behind Janie’s past may be EL SUTIL ARTE DE QUE (CASI TODO) TE IMPORTE UNA MIERDA (HARPERCOLLINS) enough to push them all over thedg.

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