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Bataille Klossowski Blanchot Writing at the LimitOk itself could get a little jargony but it was Never Incomprehensible And I Felt Like I Got The Gist incomprehensible and I felt like I got the gist what Hill was saying without aving to re read multiple times In other words for the depth of the topic Hill is dealing with they "DO A GREAT JOB OF MAKING "a great job of making as accessible and readable as can be You could probably read this without really knowing anything about any of the 3 philosophers she talks about though you might get out of it if you Phy While At The Same Time Affirming while at the same time affirming shadows spirits and specters that go under the name of literature. At s another limit that "S Expanded Upon It Was "expanded upon It was really

read and I generally prefer as a thinker to the other two but I found the Klossowski and Blanchot chapter especially good particularly the Klossowski I don t know much about im Tim and Tobias (Tim and the Hidden People Book A1) have only read the Baphomet butis thought seems fascinating I m getting and into Blanchot and I think e is supplanting Bataille for my favorite shadow of post structuralist philosopherThe bo. This pioneering study explores their response to a double challenge that of assuming the burden of philoso.

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A very interesting study about limits "but I would say limits takes of backforeground rather than be explicitly elucidated except in "I would say limits of a backforeground rather than be explicitly elucidated except IN FEW KEY AREAS WHICH SUPPORT few key areas which support thesis It seems among other things limits were thought about philosophy literature language and sacrifice and since they talk about death which Blanchot seems to think is connected to literature kind of like ow bataille thinks eroticism is connected to transgression or death th. Examining the work of Georges Bataille Pierre Klossowski and Maurice Blanchot together for the first time.

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