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Of prenatal treatment Brawn Boy meets girl girl gets pregnant they are forced to marry but there is *bad blood between her father and new husband *blood between her father and new husband it results in a very weird and complicated ending This book I wouldn t recommend It has a lot of things that ust don t make sense The book feels rushed and improvised with things happening without sense or explanation view spoilerHer father controls her every move and she needs to rebel a little so she goes to a party where she meets a guy and ends up having sex party where she meets a guy and ends up having sex him His father gets mad because she went to a party and limits her moves even but when he finds out she is pregnant he goes and force the guy to marry her the guys who is the leader of a rival MC He marries her but doesn t want a relationship with her because he thinks it would be safer for her Then when they finally decide to give their marriage a chance her father tells her that her new husband killed her mother but in reality it was he who killed her and a friend of her husband because he thought she was cheating on him but she was only trying to run from an abusive relationshipThings that really don t make sense For three years the Russians and Lethal Darkness had been looking for the one who killed their friend and Paris mother but they can t find anything then suddenly they have access to key information and later to a video that shows how Tristan killed her wife and the guy from the Lethal Darkness ust when he was planning on killing Micah For a leader of an MC he made some stupid decisions He was supposed to be a feared leader but acted like a scared teenager when Paris father asked him to marry her and then when he caught him and

Forced Him To Marry 
him to marry daughter I couldn t understand how ignoring and mistreating Paris was protecting her I get it if he didn t want to bring someone into his dangerous life but she was already there she was already pregnant why make things harder for her What was he gaining from keeping her at arm s length hide spoiler. Ing her gets that much harder If I’m learning anything it’s this Betrayal always comes from those you love Brawn is a full length standalone romance novel with steamy hot sex strong language a happily every after ending and NO CLIFFHANGERS Contains dark and disturbing themes and over the top sexiness that may be uncomfortable for some readers For a limited time you get a bonus book BONES Brawn story ends at 50. .

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Brawn Lethal Darkness MC #1AwesomeLoved Brawnand every book that Leah writes I definitely recommend this to *Anyone That Loves Bikerstattoosbad *that loves bikerstattoosbad and lots of sex AwesomeWhen you start reading this story you can t stop until you finish the book Definitely recommend this book to everyone A great read by this authorI really enjoyed reading Micah and Paris s story Paris was tired of being a prisoner in her father s house so
One Night She Snuck 
night she snuck with a friend to a biker party where she met Micah Once he saw her he knew he wanted her After she is forced to marry Micah she finds out an ugly truth about her father and Micah is there to pick up the pieces I highly recommend this book This book was okay Paris is a woman who is overly controlled by her Dad He doesn t allow her to date or stay out late She must live with him and only talk to her one girlfriend So when her friend talks her into going to a party she winds up not only staying out late but sleeping in after a night of hot sexHer Dad finds out puts her on restriction after slapping her around She winds up pregnant and afraid Her worst fears come true Her Dad walks in after hearing her throw up and see s her pregnancy test He forces her to get married Things go from bad to worse They are able to work things out in the end but had to endure a lot heartache to get thereI was hoping for a better MC book this one failed in that category IMO Really dreadfulSo dark and so fullof every cliche horror inflicted on both major characters that you willfeelseriouslydepressed after reading it Finished it with relief Horrible A good bookI like how the girl get the guy at the end It s about time someone wrote a book where the girl save the guy in the end Recommend YESCool story well told The right amount of intrigue and mystery A couple of intimate preludes Just enough to have you one the end of your seat wondering how is this gonna end Micah Paris swoon Great concept for a story but horrible implementation and development I didn t know if this was. I got her pregnant Now I’ll pay the price She looked too delicious to pass up I wanted a taste So I took it I never thought I’d see her again But when my worst enemy shows up on my doorstep four months later It’s only the first of many unwelcome surprises Turns out he’s her father and she’s pregnant I’ve got no choice; I have to do what he wants or there will be war Even though his proposal is flat out. .
A YA or a fairytale Big scary bikernot Innocent sheltered girlnot Seriously she s so innocent and lives *Such A Protected Life But *a protected life but sex like a pro with new explanation Of course she gets pregnant I could buy it if it was because of a broken condom but no protection not even a mention by either partiesthe innocent one and the man slut I had to stop reading when he threw her into the pond and then umped in after her playing aroundwhat are they 5 Big Bad as a leader of mennot ugh This is the first book I ve read by Leah Wilde and I really enjoyed the story but I did feel it was a little rushed The book actually ended at 51% on my Kindle and after that there is another book by her called Bones which I did want to read so I m glad I didn t already buy it Paris is 18 years old in college and lives with Her Dad Who Is The President Of The Knives Of Dad who is the President of the Knives of MC Her Mother was brutally murdered three years ago and the killer was never caught Her Dad is way overprotective he won t even let her go on dates or live outside his house She has a best friend named Katy who is pretty much the only person she socializes with Micah Youngblood is President of the Lethal Darkness MC who are enemies with the Knives of Fury MC Three years ago Anton a good friend of Micah s and also a club member was murdered along with Paris Mom Micah promised Anton s widow that he would find the killer and ustice would be delivered Paris is sick of her Dad sheltering her so when Katy begs her to attend a party at the Lethal Darkness clubhouse she agrees When Micah sees the Beautiful Innocent Young Woman With innocent young woman with grey eyes he knows he has to have her in his bed as soon as possible Like I said I felt the story was rushed especially the big climax at the end Something else that isn t a big deal but it did annoy was that she s supposed to be so innocent and forbidden to date yet she wasn t a virgin Also this is stupid I guess but there was no mention of her ever going to a doctor or receiving any kind. Insane Marry the girl No thanks But he’s got me by the throat I didn’t expect what would happen next That the little blond girl with the gray eyes would become my angel That her moans would be music to my ears That before long she’d mean everything to me I have to keep her safe amidst a brewing storm of violence that threatens to wreck my world But when I discover who’s responsible for the murders protect.