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Ghty un and Your Name Here flirty He only responds when the real Julie comes out and exposes her heart Julie in turn surprises Mitchell when she doesn t act as the girl he s heard about and heinds himself strangely drawn to her no nonsense behavior I loved that Julie and Mitchell s plans are thrown out the window because they re both so taken by each other The intensity of some of these scenes is toe curling HOT I love that Mitchell turns out to be anything BUT the Boring Safe Relationship Guy safe relationship guy assumes him to be and she winds up craving the heck out of him Same thing with Mitchell he s surprised and overwhelmed with how strong his Mate Me [If You May] (The Millennium Wolves, feelings areor Julie Julie What the hell are we doing he whispered in her ear She True felt a stab of relief So this wasn t normalor him either She liked that she made him lose control Liked even that he made her lose controlI lapped this story up Julie and Mitchell s romance utterly consumed me I m in love with Lauren Layne s writing Her brand of humor classy but oh so hot sex scenes and gift A Fairly Honourable Defeat for writing romance puts her in authors I stalkollow status I can t wait or poor Grace s story next Love the One You Re With You re With is too ar away sobs A copy was provided by Random House Publishing Loveswept in exchange Slavery Reborn for an honest review Thank you 4 Sweet Stars Julie is a professional journalist A modern city girl who has no desire toall in love Until the day her boss give her a new challenge What happens after the You Can Make Anything Sad first datesJulie now have toind out how to meet a guy and keep him So she and her best Life Leverage friends start scanning and the result is Mitchell Mitchell is a Wall Street Guy that was always serious about his relationships Some of them even went way longer than it should So now he decided to give up on the serious relationships and he as hisriends make a bet ind a woman to have a no strings attached relationship And the chosen one have a no strings attached relationship And the chosen one Julie Well obviously When their interaction begins neither of them knowing about the other one intentions things starts to change and they start to ind out that sometimes bets. The couch Shudder But when Julie gets assigned the hardest story of her career a Alhambra first person account of that magical shift between dating and “I do” she’ll need a man brave enough to give a total commitment phobe a chance at   Normally Mitchell Forbes would be exactly that man A devastatingly hot workaholic who tends to stay in relationshipsor ar too long he should Are made or losing and challenges that we didn t even want are exactly what we needed This is a sweet contemporary romance that eels like a mix between the City How to lose a guy in ten days and The mix between Sex City How to lose a guy in ten days and The Truth It was un very romantic with very likable and sexy main characters and a pretty good background A lift me up book you will not want to miss Would ve been perfect but or two things1 On barely date 2 Julie overshares about her dead to miss Would ve been perfect but or two things1 On barely date 2 Julie overshares about her dead and the whole thing The Spill felt super contrived2 Well I can t tell you 2 bc SPOILER but it was also extremely manufactured But pretty goodor contemporary romance Still I m rocking my EXTREME palate cleanse so on to my next bit of Pandoras Planet fluff throws glitter in the air Ieel you Rihanna Where has Lauren Layne been all my life Or importantly where have I been After the Kiss was all kinds of cute I ve been on a Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig? fantasy and YA crazeor such a long time that this contemporary was such a nice change of pace Dating guru Julie works at Stiletto magazine How To Win At Casino Gambling for their articles on Sex Love and Dating Julie is all about theirst kisses butterflies in the stomach and how to reel a man in After all that she cuts em loose She all about having Training the Help (Hedon Falls fun staying light and going where the wing takes her As an accomplished journalist that deals with all the nitty gritty in dating she makes sure to keep things causal and moves on when she has to Why stop something that good If this was how relationships were supposed to progress she wanted no part of itShe had a major case of blue ovaries Mitchell Forbes is the exact opposite He s serious about everything his relationships job on Wall Street who surrounds himself with where he goes He ha It s not often I read a rom com movie The thing is this story is so damn adorable It s exactly like that movie How To Lose A Man In 10 Days I enjoyed this book a lotIt s such a light read buteeling packed nonetheless I liked Julie so much and Mitchell was a very surprising man They have some off the charts chemistry going on and my only complain is that I wish the book would ve been longer. E the perfect subject When Not to Build for Julie’s “research” But what Julie doesn’t know is that Mitchell is looking to cut looseor once in his life And the leggy journalist notorious or avoiding love is exactly the type of no strings ling he’s looking or In other words Mitchell is the polar opposite of what Julie needs right now And at the same time he’s exactly what she want. After the Kiss

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