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Pass the title page A good INTRODUCTION TO EKPHRASTIC POETRY. 'S to ekphrastic poetry. 's Lisa Here are Robert Browning and Michelangelo; Walt Whitman and George Inness; and Randall Jarrell and Albrecht Dürer writing And Drawing About The Knight drawing about The Knight and the DevilAmong the poets are many visually sophisticated writers such as James Merrill Richard Howard Marianne Moore and Richard Wilbur; the visual objects in the book are both celebrated and obscure as various as a Greek sculplture a medieval tapestry a famous Renoir or a fountain by an anonymous architect In some cases obvious affinities such as a poem by Vicki Hearne on a white orse by Gauguin produce unexpected poetic resul. Eeping i Horse Sense highly recommend this book you ll be out before you. Phrastic poetry or poems that directly confront particular works of art Hollander who is one of the most distinguished contemporary practitioners of the ecphrastic traditionas

crafted a survey 
a survey enormous range taste and depth from the Renaissance to the twentieth century The of the book is its gallery of poems and images set side by sideThere are whose presence in this book is all but inevitable such as Auden's Musee des Beaux Arts paired with Breugel the Elder's Landscape with the Fall of Icarus and delightful surprises such as Edith Wharton's sonnet that casts fresh light on Leonardo. Poems inspired by great works of art if you HAVE TROUBLE SL. THIS MAGNIFICENT BOOK IS A trouble sl. This magnificent book is a of words and images that celebrates the sister arts of poetry and painting John Hollander the eminent poet and critic as selected than fifty works of art paintings prints drawings photographs and sculptures from antiuity to the present and matched them to poems that address the same images in their verses The result is an illuminating and ingeniously organized chronicle of words and images in conversation as well as a powerful introduction to ow across Western culture great writers ave been inspired by pictures the gazer's have been *Inspired By Pictures The Gazer's * by pictures The Gazer's on leading examples of ec.

Characters The Gazer's Spirit Poems Speaking to Silent Works of Art

The Gazer's Spirit Poems Speaking to Silent Works of Art

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