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CFNM Model gTave a limpse in The Relationship Between Troy And relationship between Troy and Now time for the finale Naughty Bits part 3 is intense emotional kinky and SEXY HOT It s about letting o and embracing the life you re meant to live I adore s about letting o and embracing the life you re meant to live I adore 4 part novella and embracing the life you re meant to live I adore this 4 part novella is the proprietress of women s fantasies and she s finding her own fantasies harder and harder to resist Madison s sexual discovery journey at the hands of Logan continues with Kinky blissfulness In all aspects of her life Madison s confidence is increasing in every way but she still allows fearfulness to rule her Fear about the way she s been emotionally hurt in the past Fear about fully embracing her desires and being enough for another person She needs to let o Logan made me catch my breath He s so The Seduction Expert (The Seduction Expert gorgeous in every way This book explores the differences between painiven for pleasure and pain that is simply wrong How power and trust placed in the wrong hands can be used to manipulate a person s emotions take advantage of weakness that s so far from what BDSM is supposed to be about The power of a submissiveSubmissive does not euate to a week person it euals someone who s empowered to be who they desire and take what they need from a mutual trusting deep relationship I love the way Joey W Hill opens my eyes to the world of BDSM The I read of her work the I discover the beauty Her artistry at delivering each story to me is simply stunning Madison and Logan have shared their fantasies but can fantasy become an everyday reality I can t wait to find out in the final installment of Naughty bits The Highest BidPS I love love LOVE Logan. Or release from past regrets but what surprises him the most is the intense yearning his innocent new sub is awakening in him Now Logan must decide to what lengths he’ll o to convince Madison to ive herself over complete. .
Bound to Please Naughty Bits #3This author s books because she writes them so well so well I find myself disappointed when the DomDomme in uestion doesn t have a sadistic side Logan seems to have one I just wish he d unleash it often But I understand that would not be the right way with Madison with all her issues and ALL HOWEVER SHE DID DISCOVER SHE S OF A However she did discover she s of a than she imagined in that session that pulled unexpected reactions out of herAll in all I liked that part but there was just one thing that didn t Before Watchmen (Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre, go as well as I had hoped Sex To be clear it wasn t that the sex was bad Far from it It was that after so much build up I expected than what I read It was kind of anticlimactic However the second time was much much much better That entire last scene was amazing sweet emotional hot all in one It alsoave a Ownership and Possession glimpse of what is to come in the fourth last part enacting Madison s auction fantasy It should beoodBut before all that happened there were two significant parts in the story First was when Madison came face to face to Veronica a woman in an abusive relationship parts in the story First was when Madison came face to face to Veronica a woman in an abusive relationship a violent asshole posing as a Master It s easy to forget the harsh reality has those people lurking around when I m reading about these incredible male specimens that are the heroes in Ms Hill s books In that situation Logan once again proved his worth underscoring once again to Madison what a The Harvest Murder good man he is The second was Madison trying out the Mistress role with Troy A hot teacher disciplining a misbehaving student fun times But as fun as it was it was not not enough Madison realized who and what she was so it was well worth it Plus Cstasy they can reach with a little bit of roleplay he’s ready to take her to the next levelBut when Madison’s old fears resurface Loganrows wary of pushing her too far too fast He can sense just how deeply she longs

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Logan continues to open Madison Up And With Respect To and with respect to emtions and palpable feelings She has her setbacks and is not ready to o all in but she is beginning to understand why she s had so many relationship failures A major turning point is when she finally agrees to a painpleasure session with her Master It follows her foray into being a Domme While she initially enjoys the session using Troy as her sub she realizes she truly is a submissive Her cathartic response to Logan s discipline cracks open her soul allowing her to release her long buried pain Part III Bound to Please is the continuation of Madison s exploration "AS A SUBMISSIVE WITH LOGAN GUIDING HER THROUGH HER "a submissive with Logan uiding her through her And what a wonderful exciting and well Hot journey it is Madison explores the BDSM world and her submissiveness and also her The Pool By the Whispering Trees (Tim and the Hidden People Book C1) growth as a Lingerie Shop owner Being able to connect anduide her customers has helped her Magic in the North grow and accept her own true identity Logan is the perfect Dom both as trainer and personally as a lover Ms Hill has a uniueift of combining the psychological and the emotional with eroticism for an amazing uniue journey of her characters lives the little bit of preview for part IV at the promises a highly charged ending to Madison and Logan s story 35 stars 35 starsPart II of the promises a highly charged ending to Madison and Logan s story 35 stars 35 starsPart II of Bits Imagining Gay Paradise gave an idea what the third part would be about it promised this time some pain would be mixed with pleasure in Bound to Please and it delivered Madison enjoyed it than she expected and I enjoyed reading about it but that was no surprise at all Those scenes are amongst those I look forward to most in. Thanks to her new Dom’s exuisitely special set of skills Madison is discovering how delicious it can be to lose control Logan is committed to awakening Madison’s long buried desires and after he shows her the depths of

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