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Een aware of Challengin Intriguing read about Islamic eschatology juxtaposed to Christian end times prophecy The messiah of Islam and the Jesus of Muslims fit the escription of the anti christ and the false prophet It would make sense that Islam would have much to How to make Money with Porn do with the lastays the most compelling correlation is that of the act of beheading prophesied in Revelation which fits in accordance with Islamic practice Several years ago I took a class about Islam I recall at the time being startled when learning about Islamic Eschatology end times teaching I couldn t help but wonder how Muslim beliefs about the end times fit into the Christian end of the world scenarios I was familiar with As I learned about the coming of the Mahdi the Islamic savior I remember thinking there were striking similarities between the Christian Antichrist and the way the mahdi is epicted in islamic tradition i briefly is epicted in Islamic tradition I briefly writing a work of fiction on the topic My plan was to write a book about the Antichrist appearing on Earth in the form of the Mahdi As it turns out I was not the only person to have such thoughtsJoel Richardson The Wind on the Heath did not write a peace of fiction but heid write an incredibly well researched book that compares the eschatology of Islam and Christianity Richardson uotes the Bible the uaran and other Islamic sources to compare the Mahdi wi. Nyone interested in Islam Bible prophecy or the underlying spiritual factors behind many of today's current event.

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Antichrist Islam's Awaited MessiahA VERY good read if you re religious About the end times and how they re epicted in the Bible how Islam is becoming the worlds largest relgion and how times and how they re epicted in the Bible how Islam is becoming the worlds largest relgion and how ll beat it Fantastic book Many think the final beast will be the resurrected Roman Empire Joel Richardson makes the case it will be the resurrected Ottoman Empire I think he is correct Very good book I told my pastor about this book last fall and I believe I started a trend Five members of the church including the pastor and myself uickly bought copies of it It also helped that Walid Shoebat an ex terrorist who s now a Christian endorsed the book when I met him last SeptemberSo you think the future world Repeat Performance dictator predicted by Biblical prophecy the so called Antichrist will come out of a ten nation confederacy in Europe most likely the European Union Iid once How terribly wrong we both have been There is another enemy Of Christianity That Has Been Active Since The Seventh Century Christianity that has been active since the seventh century and this opponent controls two thirds of the lands that once belonged to the Roman Empire Islam Why can t the Antichrist come from the Roman Empire s African Or Asian Provinces As Opposed Asian provinces as opposed just the European onesThis book will show how much the Mahdi the Shiite version of the Messiah resembles the Beast of the Books of Daniel and Revelation And that s not all the Moslem version of Jesus looks a lot like the. A highly acclaimed and fascinating examination of Islamic and biblical end time prophecies Discover the startling. ,
False Prophet and the Dajjal The Islamic Version Of The Islamic version Of The Looks A the looks a like our own Lord and Savior For Newsjacking details get the book andor check out the review on my blog Fascinating I was lent this book by the same person who lent me Islam and the Jews and Inside Islam Since I have an interest in millennialism generally Iived straight in Richardson s work is a prime example of what John Reilly called the Standard Model of Christian millennialism This is the common sense popular literal model based on The Baron Goes Fast (Baron, direct identification of particular events with the prophecies contained with the Apocalypse of St John This model has takenifferent forms at The Organic City different times but in twenty first century America it takes the form of premillennialispensationalism This is the frame of reference of the author who then sets out a Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary detailed comparison between al Mahdi and Isa bin Maryam and the Antichrist and the False Prophetepicted in the book of RevelationsThe author wrote this book under a pseudonym out of a rightful fear of retribution At least in the United States such things are not yet commonplace but in Europe violence or threats Just started reading it I m only up to chapter Eight So far I appreciate the author s approach very informative yet with a heart to evangelize to Muslims He Brings Up Concepts brings up concepts facts I had not previously considered or Similarities between the biblical Antichrist and Islam's Messiah figure known as Imam al Mahdi A must read for .

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