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Museum reports The funniest part was about halfway through WHEN SEVERAL OF THE KIDS WERE LIKE WAIT THIS several of the kids were like Wait this a true story p Lol I did tell them it was a biography but SHOCK some of them weren t listening Fabulous series I love itReview 2 and 3 September 2018I ust read this once to the AM kids and once to the PM kids It was fun as always Blackbeard s

is always the most mind part He really was a legend It s fun always Blackbeard s death is always the most mind boggling part He really was a legend It s fun about pirates and the kids enjoy it very interesting My Review I haven t read many of these Who Was books and they are a little advanced for Munchkin yet euivalent to a level 4 maybe in the early reader books but I really like that there are so many non fiction books to choose from This was a great book to pickup as part of my pirate month Not only did we find out Blackbeard and how his legend came to be and ended but it also debunked several pirate myths as well as point out facts about them It was very informative but still enjoyable to read and had a lot of great illustration. Ps around the Caribbean and up and down the Eastern seaboard Known for his thick black beard and fearsome reputation the legend of Blackbeard has influenced pirate legend and lore for over 300 years.

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Fascinating My students and I enjoyed this entertaining book The history is written in an engaging manner and as a teacher I appreciate that it s thorough without being overwhelming andor monotonous The accounts of Edward Teach aka Blackbeard are fascinating as well as the close look at piracy of timeThe snippets Teach aka Blackbeard are fascinating as well as the close look at piracy of timeThe snippets information like the paragraphs on scurvy serve to expand upon the social history customs geography etc and are a fun way to encourage students with further studies about said topicsWe also enjoyed the illustrations done in pen ink and are not cartoony but rather real life expressions My middle school students rate this book as a 35 I myself rate it a 4 Interesting facts Fun children s book about Edward Teach It also covered the life and context of pirates in the early 1700s There were a lot of things that I didn t know about pirates This was a fast read and enjoyable This was a really interesting nonfiction book I didn t even know Blackbeard was actually real
was a pirate I learned lo. Though much of his early life remains a mystery Blackbeard most likely began his life as Edward Teach in the sailing port of Bristol England He began his career as a hired British sailor during uee. .
T from this book and surprised many details about Blackbeard I This Book Because this book because used to really like the Pirates of the Caribbean about Blackbeard I chose this book because I used to really like the Pirates of the Caribbean series An important lesson I learned is that your never totally safe something can always surprise you If I could rewrite this book I would give detail in what their ships looked like and what other pirates looked like I would recommend this book to anyone who like action adventure but has to read nonfiction I liked this book a lot it is one of the better who was books I read this book along with the audio from that is a new site here in Brazil It s uite easier to read a book hearing the audio at the same time I learned a lot about real pirates because the movies and fiction books make up too many things about them My favorite holiday to celebrate with my kiddos is International Speak Like a Pirate Day on September 19 As part of the festivities this year I read this book to them the prior week and then we used it to practice writing research papers for our Wax. N Anne’s War He eventually settled in the Bahamas under Captain Benjamin Hornigold who taught the young sailor to go a pirating Soon enough Blackbeard was commanding his own fleet and stealing shi. ,
Who Was Blackbeard?

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