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Pout his mwa ha ha evil schemes with glee You are against me For a whole day you have chased me you have tried to rob me of a night s rest But I have had food in spite of you I have slept in spite of you and the game is only beginning There is nothing for it but to start the Terror This announces the first day of the TerrorWow how scary and excitingWells is a good author and I enjoyed reading not only about his evil mad scientist MC but also about science and the method Griffin used to turn himself invisibleFor one thing it is very vivid and striking Listen to Griffin discuss processing a cat And you processed herI processed her But giving drugs to a cat is no joke Kemp And the process failedFailedIn two particulars These were the claws and the pigment stuff what is it at the back of the eye in a cat You knowTapetumYes the tapetum It didn t go After I d given the stuff to bleach the blood and done certain other things to her I gave the beast opium and put her and the pillow she was sleeping on on the apparatus And after all the rest had faded and vanished there remained two ittle ghosts of her eyesThere s also great mad scientist imagery in this novel complete with test tubes and strange goings on at night He was so odd standing there so aggressive and explosive bottle in one hand and test tube in the other that Mrs Hall was uite alarmed But she was a resolute womanThe science in here is not real science so don t break your brain trying to understand how Griffin s bleaching system works Apparently it s difficult to reverse so you don t want to be mucking around with his science anyway Okay my education in disability studies was ringing here The reason I think this is a spoiler so I will hide itview spoilerGriffin is an albino This makes him an ideal test subject because he is already acking pigment with his white skin and garnet eyes But Wells uses Griffin s outward appearance as a manifestation of his insanity homicidal tendencies and terrible temper Books and films often use a physical flaw as a proof that a person is damaged and defective inside evil inside I feel Tim and Tobias (Tim and the Hidden People Book A1) like that is the case hereOne could also say that Griffin is objectified no matter if he is visible or not Invisible obviously he is a curiosity and a weirdo bundled up in bandages and gloves and a fake nose rud to be horribly scarred or disfigured But Griffin must have been an oddity when he was visible as well with the book often commenting on his red eyes and white hair Perhaps he tried to become invisible in order to escape this constant scrutiny and was disappointed to find he was under scrutiny than everHe must be stopped his abnormal body and abnormal mind must be policed and he ends up dead and battered on the street hide spoiler July 2010In a very old episode of This American Lifeisten here John Hodgman asks the ultimate uestion Flight vs Invisibility It s an amusing party topic a fun ittle game to play but there s actually to it than that As a Super Rorschach Test the uestion is difficult to answer because the two choices both tell us very different things about ourselves Flight is noble something we aspire to invisibility is a primal desire something hidden and mysterious There s even a five stage process to answering 1 Gut reaction 2 Practical consideration 3 Philosophical reconsideration 4 Self recrimination and 5 Acceptance Or in short pick your power explain why doubt your answer doubt yourself and change your answer Repeat as necessaryIt was hard not to scoff at his findings Doubt Self recrimination Ha Of course I would choose flight Who wouldn t Get a nice pair of aviator s goggles a proper trenchcoat Capes Are Sooo White Bread And I are sooo white bread and I be set I could fly to work instead of driving and on my days off I d zip out to Portland Oregon to visit Powell s Books Pretty sweet deal Exceptfly to work Days off Yeah I guess I would still need a job if I could fly Still need to make money Of course if I was invisible it wouldn t be a problem Getting out to Portland would be harder but hey I could ive at Powell s Join the other invisible people who probably haunt the shelves It would be pretty awesome Wait Did I just go through the five stages tooDamn you John HodgmanThing is there isn t much to do with flight You can t fight crime without additional superpowers society still expects you to follow the rules and you still need to make money but being That Flying Guy Who Works At The Video Store isn t very cool so you Magic in the North ll probably end up in commercials When I m travelling a thousand miles an hour at five hundred feet the only thing that gets the bugs out of my teeth is aaaand hold up that tube of toothpaste smile for the cameraOr you can try getting elected to public office but c mon you gotta have some dignityFrom both a practical anditerary standpoint invisibility is far interesting Maybe not better or safer or wiser but certainly interesting More potential for conflict A story about the invisible man who comes to town makes well made for a better thriller than the fantastical tale about the incredible flying man and while I doubt HG Wells ever met John Hodgman at a party or thought about the uestion he probably realized the same thing This is why Mr Wells didn t create Superman which despite all I said earlier is probably a big fat shame A Victorian steampunk Super man pre DC as written by the great HG Wells would ve been awesome The Best Thing Ever and now I think I m going to cry Sowhat s your superpower I have a feeling if I had read this on my own my rating would have been 3 stars So I would ike to thank the following people for making this such an enjoyable buddy read You guys get a whole extra star all of your very own No fighting when you split it among yourselves pleaseJeff Stepheny Anne Tadiana Dan 20 Jess Evgeny Dan Alissa Steve Will Christopher Licha Miriam Tadiana Dan 20 Jess Evgeny Dan Alissa Steve Will Christopher Licha Miriam Auntie J Ginger and Carmen A room and a fireOn a cold blustery day in February a mysterious man arrives in Iping West Sussex and checks in at The Coach and HorsesHe is bundled in a thick coat wearing a scarf gloves and hat his face entirely bandaged eyes hidden behind arge glasses Only his nose is visibleand he asks to be König der Welten 1 left alone As a rule Iike to be alone and undisturbedbut in a place where normally nothing exciting ever happens The man s presence causes uite a stir the gossip follows tongues start wagging And when a strange robbery occurs suspicion grows THE INVISIBLE MANA fine example that book smart doesn t always ife smart TIM One of the dumbest smart people I have ever read about I have been on a kick to read classic books Some of them have been hits and others misses this is definitely a hit It started off a bit slow but then ended with a bang Great boo. Entury he prophesied the abuse and the terror of invisible forcesMore stuff The first Men in the Moon The Island of Dr Moreau The Time Machine The War of the World. I read this for 2 reasons It was short and therefore conducive to my 30 day reading challenge where I read 30 books this was book 7 AND I was filming the process for a book vs movie review which I ve now scrapped because the book was average and the movie was terrible and I don t care about either of them any The Invisible Man HG Wells The Invisible Man is a science fiction novel by H G Wells Originally serialized in Pearson s Weekly in 1897 it was published as a novel the same year The Invisible Man of the title is Griffin a scientist who has devoted himself to research into optics and invents a way to change a body s refractive index to that of air so that it neither absorbs nor reflects ight and thus becomes invisible He successfully carries out this procedure on himself but fails in his attempt to reverse it An enthusiast of random and irresponsible violence Griffin has become an iconic character in horror fiction 1998 1379 116 9645963656 1374 204 9645511380 1374 190 1372 128 1371 158 1372 9645569656 1389 64 9786009214396 This was part of a massive buddy read of this title and usually for a buddy read I do something other than a serious review Jeff have you ever done a serious reviewsighI might do a poor rendering of a passage from the book kind of in the author s style in order to embarrass a few of my Goodreads friends who uite frankly usually have it coming or if I m feeling inspired I Treasure Trail / The Crimson Phoenix / Model Murder (The Shadow, ll do something really creative Jeff do you set some sort of bar for creative Is there a sliding scale Define creativeShaddupOr Il just do a Vanity Bagh list The poor man s review right JeffGrrrrSo theist I ve been toying with would be Ten Non Pervy Things You Can Do with the Power of Invisibility Let s face it the power of invisibility kind of ends itself to the baser sort of thing and it would be too easy to come up with these types of degenerate examples It would be too easy for you JeffHehAnd fellas men who have shortcomings being invisible would eave you that much nondescript Just sayin So non pervy uses of invisibility it is Top Ten Cool Things You Can Do With This Super Duper Power of InvisibilityHold your horsesThis poses a problem because Wells in his fine book points out the inherent issues with this type of ability1 Unless you have invisible clothes you re constantly running around naked which is great if you Preaching to a Post-Everything World live in a moderate climate but not so much if you encounter extremes in weather eg Rain snow fog cold weather2 If you eat you have to stay hidden because people can see that taco as it is going through your digestive tract So being invisible involves eating next to nothing3 Anything with an acute sense of smell dogs Daredevil Wolverine will be able to instantly detect you So get ready to be bitten have a billy club bounced off your noggin or gutted4 People can still hear you so if you re clumsy or stoned youl Mundane Grimoire lose that sense of surprise5 The invisibility process as outlined in the book increases paranoia and enhances mental instability or was that the fact that Griffin was smoking strychnine Not sure but if you want to be invisible kids don t do drugs and stay in school6 Without the force field power that usually accompanies invisibility in comics you could end upike Griffin did in the League of Extraordinary GentlemanSo we ve gone from having a great super power to being a pest Top Ten Annoying Things You Can Do If You Are Invisible1 Strange voices if you there s someone who doesn t have a firm grasp on reality you can do the voice of God or evil Jiminey Cricket Or find out where Kelly ives and become the voice of Mitchell although you might be too ate for that one she probably already converses with him2 Smack some annoying kid in the back of the head This should have been number one3 Team up with a ventrilouist a circus carney mountebank or a seer4 Ring people s doors ate at night and instead of running you can stand there and watch their puzzled expressions What fun5 Drive a car or ride a bike while invisible and post it on the internetz remember vinyl seats and being nude don t really mix for prolonged periods of time6 Freak out tourists at some really mix for prolonged periods of time6 Freak out tourists at some place by answering them back7 Become someone s imaginary friend8 Take public transportation and signal for every stop9 Help your favorite sports team win by deflecting a ball or tripping someone no football or hockey of course because naked10 Haunt a house scary voices move things around write stuff on the walls in blood walk around at night rattle chains This is the story of how one angry naked sneezing albino managed to terrorize the English countryside To This is the story of how one angry naked sneezing albino managed to terrorize the English countryside To uite honest I expected a bit from the people who fended off the Nazis for years But Wells seemed to think his fellow countrymen would be a bit too inept to toss a sheet over this shivering bastard and punch him in the throat InsteadThisAttention1 There may be spoilers for this 100 year old book in the review2 Only comment if you have a WORKING sense of humor3 Seriously Read 2 again before you correct my reviewWhen I first started reading I assumed that The Invisible Man would be about a guy who was slowly driven mad by this unusual conditionNopeHe was a world class douchebag ong before embarking on his experiment to become see through Although if I had to point out one major difference between his beginning vs his end Well I m guessing his dick balls hadn t permanently retreated into his body before he became the World s Meanest Nudist Really dude Really Winter is not kind to naked folks As every Mad Scientist will tell you you ve got to plan ahead Mother Nature will not bend to your nefarious whims Turn on the Weather Channel next time moronSo Griffin that s the Invisible Man s name discovers a magic not magic formula that allows his molecules to have fewer surfaces for ight to refract off and if he combines that with electrocuting not electrocuting himself with some sort of a radio wave contraption he will become invisiblePseudo science FTW He tested it out on a cat and it sorta worked Except for the cat s eyes Don t worry though The cat is fine Kidding it s totally deadOne thing I found interesting "Was That Until His Body "that until his body food it remained visible Which ed me to spend uite a bit of my afternoon thinking about whether or not you could see his poop moving through his intestines And if it did remain visible that meant his Kryptonite could uite Registers of Illuminated Villages literally be cheese Think about it people You could track him if he s constipated Ha Il bet those assholes at MENSA are totally rethinking that rejection Ping-pong letter nowYeah so all they had to do was get a big cauldron or Fry Daddy bubbling with oil and then cook up a shit ton of mozzarella sticks If placed strategically around the village they Griffin a young English scientist is experimenting and discovers the means to make himself invisible He is able to see but no one can see him As Griffin becomes ma. Ould have had Griffin backed up and praying for prunes in no time Between the groaning and visibly distended intestines it would have been Problem Solved within two days BOOMOk so Wells does his deadevel best to make invisibility seem Caleb the Overcomer like a curse but the reality was this was an AWESOME power He s fucking invisibleThe only reason Griffin wasn t immediately the richest man in the kingdom was due to his a hole personality All he had to do was tell people about his amazing discovery Instead he shoots himself in the dick trying to keep it a secret Sure the people in that first hillbilly town might not have been receptive Ateast not at first anywayWitchcraft Kill it with fire CletusBut show up at a Science Fair or wherever smart people hang out and he would have been carried off on his peers weak nerdy shouldersI mean his buddy Kemp was thoroughly impresseduntil he started voluntarily boasting about his somewhat ill thought out crimes and revealing his idiotic plans for world domination Which by the way was the Firmin least well planned villain plot everin the history of badly planned villain plots Terror A reign of terror That s it What s the endgame GriffinGive me all your money Or TerrorMake me king of the world Or TerrorWTF man I think you re overestimating yourself a bit thereSure it s a bit spooky that you can t be seen but eventually even the stupidest of villagers will band together figure out that you can be taken down by a dog with a good noseor cheeseWhich is pretty much what happens Except for the part about cheese If only they had consulted someone with myevel of genius intellect poor Adye would still be alive TskHe stupidly tries to implement his Reign of Terror and manages to get a few good shots in but eventually becomes the recipient of the ass beating of a Mobilizing Minds lifetimeMoral of the story Even if you re a genius don t be a dickYou will inevitably freeze your balls off catch a nasty cold and end up bludgeoned to death by people with half your intellect Because all us stupid people know how to wield sticks goddammitBuddy Read with Jeff Delee Evgeny Tadiana Stepheny Will be gentle it s his first time Dan he found a free copy Dan 20 if he can remember his password Alissa Christopher Steve Jess Licha MIRIAM because she can t uit us Jennaatecomer Auntie J Ginger Carmen cutting it a The Building Accounts of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1517-18 little close there Carmen Honorary Buddy Reader Karly The Vampire Ninja LumiLuminSparkly MonsterWe gotta do this again guys At some point in Plato s Republic see II 359b 360d Glaucon argues with Socrates that men practice justice only out of fear of punishment and that if they could go unpunished they would commit theft rape and murder Case in point Gyges whoseegendary ancestor a poor shepherd once found a magic ring inside a cave The man pocketed the golden ring and found out that wearing it made him invisible Soon enough he put this superpower to good use indeed and went to the royal palace to rape the ueen kill the king and take his place a role model for Oedipus it seems This myth has been a significant inspiration to H G Wells as well as to J R R Tolkien in The Hobbit before the infamous ring became a sort of extension of the diabolical SauronH G Wells turns Plato s myth into a science fiction story where the power of invisibility is not bestowed by a magic ring but by far fetched experimentation on optics and ight refraction The protagonist Griffin is an avatar both of Frankenstein and his monster he makes the scientific discovery and Applies It To Himself Convicted That This it to himself convicted that this make him virtually invincible and put him above the common aw As it turns out this self experiment ends up in utter disasterThe first half of the novel is told as a mystery as the villagers of Iping in utter disasterThe first half of the novel is told as a mystery as the villagers of Iping try to make sense of the appearance and behaviour of the strange man who arrives at the ocal inn The invisible man then kidnaps a tramp and a big chase with the mob and constables ensues through which I have been spacing out uite a bit The biochemical which I have been spacing out uite a bit The biochemical of Griffin s invisibility comes right at the middle and is a fascinating part of the novel At this point Griffin reveals his plan to terrorise the good people However the authorities catch up with him eventually and another big chase with the mob and constables around Covent Garden ensues again through which I have been spacing out some All in all The Invisible Man is a novel structured in much the same way as The Island of Dr Moreau with a ternary movement Initial mystery Central revelation Final action and the same obsession about vivisection and experimentation on iving things However the result is effective and gripping in Wells s previous novel than in this one Nonetheless whereas Plato s story has become somewhat obscure this book is now extremely popular in children Boku Loli! 2 literature if you areooking for a sexy take on it however I would recommend Milo Manara s Butterscotch In this famous 1897 novel by HG Wells a reclusive man swathed in ayers of clothing moves into an English inn He s unfriendly and angry and when a burglary occurs people start to wonder As well they might The Invisible Man is a classic read with conflicts galore Between society and the individual Between ust for power and wealth and the collective good of society Between my Carrion Comfort literary side that wanted to ruminate on themes of alienation and self absorption and my nerdling side that just kept wanting to pick apart the scientific underpinnings of invisibilityWhy did the invisible man s potions and radiation work especially on say dead body partsike hair and nails Why would it stop workingview spoiler when the guy died hide spoiler Oh disillusionment again I thought my troubles were over Practically I thought I had impunity to do whatever I chose everything save to give away my secret So I thought Whatever I did whatever the conseuences might be was nothing to me I had merely to fling aside my garments and vanish No person could hold me I could take my money where I found it I decided to treat myself to a sumptuous feast and then put up at a good hotel and accumulate a new outfit of property I felt amazingly confident it s not particularly pleasant to recall that I was an assOne day stranger shows up in Iping ooking to rent a room Bizarrely wrapped up in bandages grumpy and demanding the stranger is believed by the villagers to be the survivor of some horrific accidentBut instead he is a mad scientist who has discovered the secret to invisibilityThis book is pretty entertaining Wells is often funny and his anecdotes are exciting You will enjoy reading about how Griffin dealt with his first test subject a white cat he stole from the ady upstairs how he tried and failed to recruit henchmen and hearing Griffin D his secret gets uncovered and the hunting for him begins H G Wells is the true pioneer of modern Science Fiction His merit is that at the end of the nineteenth

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