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Tour She s an explosive devices expert who has managed to stay whole physically psychologically it s a whole different matter Arriving back she s confronted with a father whom she s not on good terms and later discovers has a gambling problem Taking on the onus of his debt Charlie has to figure out a way to help her dad in ten days She also takes on a job as a security detail bodyguard in a slightly unorthodox company managed by a brother sister duo Things get even heated when their client is made a target #for bombing attacks and doesn t care enough to allow the security details #bombing attacks and doesn t care enough to allow the security details do their job Hemmed in from all sides Charlie is forced to consider her morals and utilize all the tricks and talents at her disposal to make things work on both the personal and professional fronts Right off the bat this book conveys a sense of urgency as *WE DIVE INTO A BLUE COLLAR WORLD WITH CHARLIE *dive into a blue collar world with Charlie home which she returns to is Spenser Massachusetts a poor area as one would imagine Not doing so well but still proud and surviving Charlie is able to fit in but it s not something that she enjoys The story is a lean one as we are immediately introduced to the main plot threads and from hen it s a race to the end Craig Schaefer fully utilizes the narrative thriller structure and gives us a story that keeps us guessing while also roaring towards a climax Characters are also another plus point be it Charlie or her coworkers such as her uirky bosses Sofia Jake Esposito Dom Da Costa and her prayers to certain goddesses Beckett a classical strong and silent type and a few others We get a solid cast of characters whom I m presuming will play bigger parts get a solid cast of characters whom I m presuming will play bigger parts the future books Also focusing on Charlie she s one tough cookie but at the same time she s also flexible with her morality when the need demands it I often dislike moralistically rigid characters and so Charlie was a welcome addition Especially when situations demanded that she go with the flow She not only does that but often bends the flow in unexpected thrilling directions I loved this aspect about her and I hope the author allows her to go full tilt The only thing that perhaps didn t jive with my overall enjoyment was the final end reveal about the titular loot which I thought was a bit too convenient Overall it was a subjective thing because the end twist was a brilliant one and it sets up the next book superbly The book also needed a bit meat within its middle chapters as the author really streamlined the story I wouldn t have minded if the secondary characters had gotten of a light shined on them perhaps that s what are seuels are for CONCLUSION The Loot is Craig Schaefer s first foray into a pure crime thriller story and as far as efforts go it s certainly a solid one Charlie McCabe is a fiery character but not an all consuming one She s of the slow burn kind that smolders and is eually dangerous The Loot is the start of another exciting series from one of my favourite writers and I can t wait to see what he surprises he springs in the seuel The Insider That was good fun I wanted an easy read to start the Popsugar challenge and this was just right For prompts this fits the following from an author who has written 20 or books passes the Bechdel test the protagonist is in her twenties. Ues about a diamond heist gone wrong that’s been unsolved for decadesWith the clock ticking and chaos descending Charlie sees a solution to both problems but it won’t be easy and it won’t be pretty A “normal” life may await Charlie on the other side of this mess but part of her knows that the battle has just begu. T and kidnap and stash *Her Safely Away In My *safely away in my Security Harem adopt her I shall not She might be my Danny Boy s newborn little sister but come to care for her I did not Yes the plot of the book is fast paced and entertaining enough because ou wrote it so duh and stuff but I never said what I m about to say ergo Dungeon you never read it Go homeou re drunk and stuff it s nothing out of this word And I never really got into it Because it kinda sorta lacks the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Schaefer Touch SST that make all Rabiosa your other books Automatically Very Good AVG and stuffGranted my nefarious little self is not exactly a fan of plain old mysteries and thrillers and tends to find the lack ofummy demons and delicious magic and scrumptiously evil pets oh my pretty boring and stuff Which might partly maybe explain why I didn t enjoy Charlie s adventures in um babysitting that very much indeed Then again there might be another much simpler explanation to this very uncharacteristic Despicable Display of Despicable Book Taste DDoDBT on my part Yes there might very well be And what would that explanation be Sculpting Making a Toddler Doll you ask Well that this book is Actually uite Very Good Indeed AVGI and that I might perhaps have read it Very Terribly Wrong VTW Maybe Hahahahahaha Just kiddingSigned Your very much beloved lurving murderous crustacean breeding daughter in law Yeaheah eah I know this gif is disgustingly cute but I have to try and make up for my revoltingly miserable rating here okay So cut me some bloody shrimping slack and stuff Book 2 The Insider February 2019A Craig Schaefer thriller To be released August 1 2019 PS It s already available for pre order and stuffview spoiler hide spoiler The Loot is a tough book to rate and review As a thriller the plot is fairly run of the mill but Schaefer s writing is engaging so the story still ended up being a fast paced and fairly compelling read which would make it a success if 35 starsI ve read all of Craig Schaefer s previous books and I love them This novel is the little different mostly because of lack of the supernatural elements But it is still a gripping book with interesting characters Our protagonist is Charlie recently retired soldier who try to make a life as a civilian She gets a job as a profesional bodyguard where she fast prove herself and meet some interesting people I loved that she was EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician wchich mean that she knew how to disarm bombs It s obvious that Crag know what he s writing about there are a lot of technical details about bodyguards work and of course a lot of action I may not like this as much as his fantasy books but I think it is a worthy read Overall RATING 35 STARS READ LUKASZ MY 35 stars Read Lukasz my review over at Fantasy Book Critic ANALYSIS Craig Schaefer s The Loot is his first official foray into the crime thriller genre I say official because technically in his debut series Craig has definitely explored aspects of the genre in a multitude of ways However with The Loot the first in the Charlie McCabe series he gets to fully explore his literary muscles in a different world that s perhaps nothing like he has done beforeWhen the story opens we meet Charlene Charlie McCabe as she returns back to her New England roots from her military. Father she needs to get serious cash together fastHowever her father isn’t the only one who needs saving When Charlie’s first client a wealthy executive with a shady past narrowly escapes a bomb plot Charlie’s investigation leads her into the heart of Boston’s criminal underworld Along the way she stumbles upon cl. Sale Alert Kindle Deal Alert 199This review was originally posted on Books of My Heart35 Really There is No Supernatural in this StarsThe Loot is As a die hard Schaefer fan I ll buy and read anything he writes It s good he writes in the genres I adore as a reader The Loot is his first thriller novel Having read all OF CRAIG S PREVIOUS TITLES I KNEW WHAT TO Craig s previous titles I knew what to an intoxicating flood of action personal drama and suspense No supernatural elements this time though Charlie Charlene McCabe is a leading character that ou might recognize a retired and worn soldier who hopes to leave the war recognize a retired and worn soldier who hopes to leave the war Un Oh I thought I ll just dip into this just read the first few pagesFamous last wordsCharlie McCabe is demobbed and looking for a job and a miracle the former because everyone needs a job the latter because her gambling addict father is in deep with the local leg breakers and even a job isn t going to pay the kind of money she needs in ten daysThe story got started fast and didn t slow downSchaefer is an author I follow and he s made the jump from urban fantasy to thriller extremely well Although he appears to be following in the footsteps of Zo Sharp who also writes about a female ex soldier called Charlie who finds a second career as a bodyguard Schaefer s Charlie is her own person and seems to be primed for a slightly different career trajectory to Sharp s CharlieCharlie is a sympathetic character who is easy to like a competent professional who is neither too hard to care nor too soft to step over a line and is clearly being set up for than one book Secondary characters Beckett and Dom have their own backstories and it s pretty clear that we re seeing the birth of a team hereThe plot moves uickly and it s clear that Charlie McCabe s world is going to be one painted in shades of grey there are no angels here Even Charlie and her team tapdance along the line It makes me wonder where they re going to end upI read this in pretty much one sitting it s a fast entertaining read and I ll certainly be waiting for Charlie McCabe books It just wasn t all that exciting And that makes me sad Guns bombs death threats actionthe book should ve had me on the edge of my seat andnothing I may not read mysteries as a rule mostly Stephanie Plum and that s because Janet Evanovich knows how to write a fucking funny book but I ve also read some great ones outside of her work The Speed of Sound and Where the Forest Meets the Stars come to mind and know that I don t always find the genre boringStill 20 books before he writes a stinker isn t something to sneeze at I loved this It was riveting from the get go I loved the main character Charlie and read like I was watching a movie I can t wait to read another one of these My dearest shrimpiest Craig Schaefer You know just I much I lurves ou and *stuff You are after all one of the founding members of *You are after all one of the founding members of Holy uintuplicity of Utter Awesomeness HoUA And my Super Extra Yummy Boyfriend SEYB Danny Faust s most beloved daddy and therefore my most beloved daddy in law and stuff Ergo I very uite a lot logically well um ou know lurves ou and stuff Also Revanche Cycle and stuff Also also Jessie Temple Harmony Black So ED and stuffBut unfortunately regrettably lamentably unluckily Charlie McCabe for me is no. She fought for her country Now she’s fighting for her familyWhen Sergeant Charlie McCabe returns from fighting in Afghanistan she hopes to leave the war behind Instead she comes home to a father whose gambling has put him in deep trouble with a violent loan shark She finds work as a professional bodyguard but to save her.

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