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3 stars Benji and Briar were once best friends 3 years ago Benji was forced to leave her behind Now that he is back things have changed Is Benji still the same guy Briar fell in love withI felt like there wasnt much interaction between the couple until much later on There wasntenough omance steam like there wasnt much interaction between the couple until much later on There wasntenough omance steam me and maybe Benji s situation felt like the main focus There was times I wanted to kick Benji but then I liked how protective he was over BriarI liked how book started off a bit angsty The story became of a suspense it made me nervous for what was to follow I couldnt put it down and it was a solid 4 star until THAT ending Ugggghhh Another one I don t want to Introduction to Modern Information Retrieval rateI m PISSED I ve got to start checking thoroughly for CH warnings The book is fast paced engaging and very interesting if not a little far fetched but I m just an angryeader left with a bitter taste in my mouth I may cave bc I was When Miss Gangster Meets Her Match really enjoying the story but I hope I don t give in and buy the next book I deally just Aliens Among Us rather give my money to legit authors that give theireaders a fucking True Paradise resolution at the end of each book or installment and don t have to use dangled carrots to sell their next book If you veead any of my eviews on this subject you know the ones that make me the maddest are the ones that I enjoyed the most So yes until the end I enjoyed the story very much and think the author did a great job It s just a shame in my opinion this is the oute they took to continue the storyThere was NO CH warning with the blurb on I just double checked Call it what you want but it feels disingenuous to meI would have probably Croatie : Cte Adriatique, Dalmatie rated it a 395 400 star had it not been for the ending Since I liked it but am so angered by the teaser of an ending I m just not going toate it That s as fair as I can be to this talented but misguided IMHO author Hell no Another cliffhanger And a stupid one that SPOILER Briar Benji don t get together till the end which I hated Then for some fucked up Jonathan Visits the White House reason Benji Jax go into Witness Protection while everyone thinks theye dead WTF BRIAR killed Delphi With Delphi his ight hand man dead WHY put the brothers in WItness Protection Who are they hiding from No one around to threaten anyone if ANYONE was going to be threatened it would be Briar since she killed him SHE should go into Witness Protection NEW ADULT CRIME FICTION AT ITS BEST AND FIRSTThis book is different from anything Cheryl McIntyre has written before here she branches out into an entirely new "category of New Adult writing If I had to label it "of New Adult writing If I had to label it d call this New Adult Crime Fiction and it very well might be the first of its kind I m not one for spoiler. Love has no time limitFor Briar Gallo her lifelong best friend Benji was than the boy next door He was her first everything Her first friend her first kiss her first love and her first heartbreak The day Benji left was the worst day of her life Until the day he came backBenjamin Borelli always knew he’d find a way back to Briar he just couldn’t foresee the devastating circumstances tha. ,
S so let me just say that with the first two chapters Infinitely "drew me in in a way only a handful books have managed beforeI "me in in a way only a handful books have managed beforeI a jaded eader but already on page 4 I wore a wobbly smile and eyes brimming with tears because I was so invested in the characters and their story How the heck did that happen
so fast well 
fast Well slams the power of love into you in such a deep Από τη Μήδεια στη Σταχτοπούτα, Η ιστορία του φαλλού real way that youe bound to live Benji and Briar s story from the moment you sink your teeth into itJust s story from the moment you sink your teeth into itJust this one It s different beautifully written and in the midst of the love the terror and the suspense you ll experience let me throw in the added perk of an uber hot hero or two and some seriously steamy love scenes 3xoxoSunnive 45 StarsFaith s This Poison Will Remain reviewDeep down in the depths of your heart there is always that one person that holds that spot wrapped up tight no matter the time distance or what they have become in order to surviveSince the moment Briar s parents brought her home from the hospital Benji and she have always been best friends Passing notes along a clothes line between their houses a friendship grew and so did their feelings for one another But fate her messed up way of thinking has stuck her little nose in these two s perfect worldWe aren t kids any I wish to hell I could go back to that time be young and carefree But it s never going to happen That s the thing about life it keeps going on whether youe What Red Was ready for it or not Sometimes it s good sometimes it s bad but it always isThree years ago Benji s mother was kicked out of her father s house Benji took off with her and her drug using ways to protect his little brother Jax He didn t want to leave but he didn t want his brother turning out the way their mother had It wasn t Jax he needed to worry about he should have worried about himself becoming an addict He led the crazy life of dealing and using drugsWith absolutely no contact since Benji moved Briar decided to move on Flynn her boyfriend is just awesome He knows that he is just the fill in for Benji and as much as that tears him up he continues to love Briar Briar has never been able to love Flynn the way she loved Benji Briareally is a sweet young woman She attends college helps her parents out on the farm and tends to her other love Kingston her horseJust a couple hours ago he didn t want me anywhere near him Now he s telling me I m all he thinks about The way he s looking at me ight now is not how one looks at somebody they hate His gaze is searing into me heated and full of desire After Benji s mother dies in what they labeled an overdose Benji and his brother Jax flee home to the safety of their. T would pave his way home A lot has changed in the three years since he’s left Benji is no longer the sweet easygoing kid he once was A lifestyle of drugs and violence has hardened him leaving him hollow and despondent But his feelings for Briar have always been his one constantWhen a series of wrong choices and bad decisions force Benji to flee back to his childhood home he knows he has. Grandpa s house While Briar is battling with herself on what she did to Benji for him not to talk to her Benji is trying to overcome his addiction with his pill popping ex girlfriend that he is just using to have one up on his mother s dealer Delphi "He is efusing to see her until he is again worthy "is efusing to see her until he is again worthy of her love But Delphi and his men take that away from him With a series of events that will leave you on the edge of your seat with you mouth hanging open Benji vows to keep Briar safe from these men And with them being forced together you will finally see the love that these two have for each other soar I wish I had the Bent Over Screaming (Slave to the Desk Book 1) right words to make you believe how much you mean to me I loved you before I left I loved you the entire time I was gone and I haven t stopped loving you I love you so f king much I don t know how to feel any other way about you Most secondary characters are just fillers in a book but these carry such a bigole Kameron the feisty best friend is constantly looking out for Briar And doesn t hesitate to leave with them even though at one point she decides that she can t do this any she still stands with her bestie Flynn stole my heart with the way he loved Briar and how he dealt with his loss thanks to the storm that Benji brought with him upon his arrival And you can tell that Jax is the youngest that loves his brother no matter what He protects him watches out for Briar and is furiously protective of KamI m not even sure That A Rollercoaster Ride a Life by Committee rollercoasteride be enough to explain all the emotions that were packed into this book Sure you have your lingering uestions on how this and that happens but you don t Inner Factors That Control Outer Success 10 CDS realize that until you finish the book and are trying to piece it all together What I can tell you is that if you are looking for a love story full of hearts and butterflies this is not what thisead is about It s part love story and part thriller Holy smokes I couldn t put it down It sucks you in ight from the beginning and sinks its claws in to you and never lets go Another thing I loved was that you got your alternating POV s What Benji is enduring through the ead was just heart wrenching I know Briar was the girl left behind and then had thrown into a shit storm but Benji s love for her tore me apart And then his thoughts on his battle with the addiction had some salty tears falling I love you Benjamin Borelli and I always will Even when my heart no longer beats it will still be filled with love for you I traced the symbol for infinity on his chest over his heart Yours for eternitySo with the unforeseen emotionally filled cliffhanger I can not stinking wait until the next book. To clean himself up and straighten out the mess he’s made before he’ll be worthy of Briar again The only problem with his plan there’s no outrunning the danger of his past With the threat so close to home he must do whatever it takes to protect the girl he’s always loved no matter the End Product risk Due to harsh language violence drug use and sexual situations this book isecommended for