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L town Texas with a story about women friendships love loss and hope for the futureThe book starts in a suburb of San Antonio for the futureThe book starts in a suburb of San Antonio to a military base where three women have found a home and friendship with ach other It doesn t HURT THAT THEY HAVE BEEN ADOPTED OF SORTS BY that they have been adopted of sorts by couple on the block Tootsie and Smokey that were never able to have children but welcome the women and their families into their lives Fast forward approximately 12 years and the daughters are all A Fairly Honourable Defeat entering basic training and the crux of the story is what happens in about a 3 month periodI found this story to be a bit heavier than most of her books due to the grief of several characters These three women becomempty nesters and don t know what do with themselves I see this today with a lot of people that their children become their whole lives and I wonder when they plan to have their own interests outside of their children Diana Carmen and Joanie have Fucking Trans Women each other and it helps as the girls grown up and their husbands are doing their military job they are all on a team together It is a hugeye opener for these three to figure out how to handle life when they don t have their daughters to worry about or at least not as much as they are now young women and on their or at least not as much as they are now young women and on their and Carmen have to deal with the stages of grief Tootsie for the death of her husband and Carmen for the death of her marriage I am glad that the author fully pursued the different stages for these womenDiana has been divorced for five years and Slavery Reborn enter Luke Tootsie s nephew He is as attracted to Diana as she is to him Her issue the fact that she is 7 years older than him Their story is woven throughout the book and there is a bit of a surprise at thend but one I thought might happenJoanie has a different kind of surprise with her husband but you will have to read the book to find out whatI You Can Make Anything Sad enjoyed the book but noticed one discrepancy there is a 72 hour waiting period to get married in Texas so two characters might have been in for a surprise arriving at the courthouse andxpecting to get married the same dayOverall I Life Leverage enjoyed this book and give it 4 paws up Well The Empty Nesters isn t a romance that I am used to reading Filled with a lot of drama a lot of humor and characters that you will fall in love with The Empty Nesters will have you crying and laughing at the same time Diana Carmen Joanie are best friends They have been for a very long time Moving to Sugar Run TX with their husbands was the best move they could havever made Meeting Tootsie and Smokey was a god send Now they all need Bulbophyllums; the Incomplete Guide, From A to WHY? each other to pull through some of the hardest times of their lives Their daughters have all followed in their father s foot steps andnlisted leaving the three of them alone and sad Then comes the bomb shell from Eli and Alhambra everyone s life really changes in a New York minute It s time to make some decisions and the first one is to go on the road trip that Tootsie is suggesting to Stump TX They will make it a long road trip andnd up at Basic Training graduation where they could all celebrate with their wonderful daughters First they have to get Carmen through her double grief deal with Diana deciding to date again accepting Joanie moving away and getting Tootsie through her grieving process Throw in a few storms another death and you have yourself a very heart warming storyI loved the bond between the four woman Tootsie was a treasure trove of understanding and advise She was funny loving and the most wonderful mom anyone could ask for Diana understood xactly what Carmen was going through and was instrumental in getting her though. Together Facing an mpty nest won’t be Its a Lat Lat Lat Lat World easy Especially for Carmen Withmotions already high she suffers an The Infinite Air even greater blow divorce papers Diana understands the fury and tears She’s been thereWith nothing to lose and no one at home the girlfriends impulsively accept an unexpected offer from theirlderly neighbor The recently widowed Tootsie has an RV a hand. ,

The Empty Nesters

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Four stars A delightful story about friendship hope love and overcoming grief Army wives Diana Carmen and Joanie are doing their best to staunch the flow of tears They just said goodbye to their three daughters who are headed to Basic Training These three women know a thing or two about military life as they have all about military life as they have all married to career military men Diana is still getting over her divorce The Spill even though it s been five years and the thought of anmpty house makes her sad Then disaster strikes When Carmen Gets Divorce Carmen gets divorce in the mail How could her husband do this to her without Pandoras Planet even talking to her Luckily Tootsie theirlderly neighbor who was recently widowed comes to the rescue Tootsie proposes that all four of them go on a trip in her new RV Her handsome nephew Luke is willing to drive them What could be better than a little time away to rechargeWhat I LikedCarolyn Brown delivers another heaping dose of comfort reading with her latest book The Empty Nesters I loved that this book was all about supportive friendships and overcoming grief and loss Girl power for the winThe main focus of this book is on friendship and camaraderie The four women over the years have forged a strong bond They feel like family When disaster strikes the four drawn in close to help one another I loved how these women looked out for one another There is so much positivity and love in this one The strong female friendships were so inspiring I loved it I liked that Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig? each woman was dealing with a different problem Tootsie was trying to cope with life after losing her long time husband Carmen is reeling from her impending divorce Diana is trying to find love after divorce and Joanie is uestioning the bonds of her own marriage Each woman was in a different stage of a relationship and I liked that It was interesting to watchach woman grapple with her problem and overcome it the best she could It was a joy to watch these women succeed I was How To Win At Casino Gambling especially proud of Carmen and Tootsie Carmenspecially gets handed a nasty load to handle She takes her anger and uses it to help her through She is fierce and tough and she comes out on the other side better off Loved that Yes there is a romance in this one It wouldn t be a Carolyn Brown book without one I liked that the romance starts out as a friendship and slowly slowly moves into the romance zone There are some stumbles and some hesitation but it all works in the Training the Help (Hedon Falls end It was delightful I loved all the coziness of this one It takes place during fall and I loved how the season was incorporated into the story It is the perfect curl up with a good blanket book It is full of all the lovely things that fall has to offer Thending is perfect It catches it up with the characters a few weeks down the road and When Not to Build everyone is in a good spot I thought itnded on the right note And The Not So MuchI was disappointed that we didn t get to know Smokey a little better He sounded like such an interesting and kind man I felt like the whole kid drama in the romance was a little forced and predictable I knew xactly how it was going to play out The Empty Nesters is the perfect read for fall This one features four strong women bonded together thru friendship and love as they grapple with different issues in their relationships I loved the focus on friendship and love I also adored the cozy fall feel to this one love I also adored the cozy fall feel to this one is a lovely read Grab this and cozy up on a fall day I received a copy of this book from the publisher in xchange for an honest review All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this reviewPostedRainy Day Ramblings Carolyn Brown takes us back to smal. The worst of times calls for the best of friends in this sassy novel about starting over from New York Times bestselling author Carolyn BrownDear friends and army wives Diana Carmen and Joanie have been through war rumors of war marital problems motherhood fears joy and heartache But none of the women are prepared when their daughters decide to nlist in the army. The had times She also had her own bridge to cross and I was thrilled that she decided to cross it with Luke Diana had a lot of demons to fight and she cross it with Luke Diana had a lot of demons to fight and she fighting them from the day that she married Eli Now it s time for her to stand on her own two feet face life and verything that it throws at her Joanie was the stable one Yes Brett was still in the military Yes she had her doubts about their life together because of Diana and Carmen but she knew deep down that Brett loved her and they life they built and in the An Eye for an Eye end he shows her just how much she really means to himCarolyn Brown really showed me her talent for writing romance but mixing inverything that life can throw at you She shows you that family doesn t necessarily be a blood relation She wrote four very complex characters that meshed and bonded through their xperiences Their journey through life was intense And Carolyn Brown brought them together seamlessly and showed us just what small town love and relationships is all aboutComplex characters a heart warming story a little romance and a whole lot of laughs The Empty Nesters was a wonderful story filled with
"family love and "
love and willed woman who you can t help but adoreReview copy provided for a voluntary review Check out all of my reviews at if you are lucky you pick up a book at just the right time in your life that very Oriori No Uta emotion written by the author resonates and you cannot put it down THE EMPTY NESTERS by Carolyn Brown is that book for me The story starts by introducing us to Tootsie and Smokey Colbert Smokey is retired Army and Tootsie is his beloved wife of over 50 years They never had children of their own so they are veryxcited when three new military couples move into the neighboring homes Four Word Film Reviews each with their own young daughter The men are in the same unit and the wives are close friends Jump ahead thirteen years Diana Carmen and Joanie are all still best friends and about to face anmpty nest at home as all three of their daughters leave for bootcamp after having nlisted in the Army together Diana has been divorced and moved on working and focusing on her daughter Rebecca Joanie is still an army wife waiting for her husband to come home as her daughter Zoe leaves also Carmen just said goodbye to her daughter Natalie and she receives the Emotional Punch Of Receiving Unexpected Divorce Papers In The Mail punch of receiving unexpected divorce papers in the mail 20 years of marriageAfter losing the love of her life Smokey one month ago Tootsie decides to go on their planned trip to his family s reunion and take the girls with her They have nothing to lose and no one at home so they begin their two month long life changing journey as The Empty Nesters in a large RV driven by Smokey s nephew Luke Tootsie faces the memories of her late husband and hopes to ase her loneliness and broken heart Joanie receives life changing news from her husband which will alter the group Carmen must deal with the hurt betrayal and Crystal Decoder end of her marriage and Diana just may learn to open her heart to a new relationship and love This is my favorite Carolyn Brown book to date Keep the tissues handy for not only sad but happy tears I read this in one sitting because I just had to know the resolution of all of The Empty Nesters This book deals with so many stages of life and love It also showsach character dealing with what life dishes out to them and how they cope with the help of their friendship I felt the dialogue the You Owe Me One emotions and the trials and triumphs were realistically written and handled by Ms Brown Each of the women as a character is uniue and yet they mesh so well together I highly recommend The Empty Nesters. Some nephew at the wheel and an aim for tiny Scrap Texas tombrace memories of her late husband Still grieving she can use the company as a balm for her broken heart So can the mpty nestersEmbarking on a journey of hope romance and healing Diana Carmen and Joanie are at a turning point in their lives And with the open road ahead of them it’s just the beginning.
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