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Nha believed in it because There In No Such THING in no such THING A GRAY HORSE BEING BAD LUCK MY has a gray horse being bad luck My character is Corey because she is sweetfriendlyloveableand always tries to make things better I will recommend this book to other students because age apporitefunnyintersatingeverything is easy to nderstandand I enjoyed the book I think the author wrote this book because so kids good enjoy reading her booksmake kidsand have a fun time while writing the book One of the problems in the book is that both Of Them Belived That them belived that s horse is bad luck is bad luck and really scares Sam Corey s horseit was resloved when. 're going trick or treating on horseback But when Corey's pony Samurai starts to act p whenever a pony named.

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I really enjoyed the bookBecause was Funnyintersatingalmost Like A Mystery My Favorite like a real mystery My favorite of the book is when they are on a hay ridesince it is Halloween it is a spooky hay ride and it has a RIP stone has 2 boys names that died from something funny like got eaten by a lion and a ghost The book remined me of my friend because she sed to believe that gray horses are bad luck if you ride them on odd days I made a prediction that Corey would stop thinking about Hannha s horse is bad luck because Hannha s horse keep scareing Corey s horse Sam every time they got close to Sam I wonder why Corey and Han. It's Halloween AND THE PONY TAILS ARE PLANNING the Pony Tails are planning big party and hayride at Corey's house The best part is they. ,
Corey and the Spooky Pony Pony Tails #9They found out that Hannha s horse it not bad Luck And Sam Just Does Not Like Storms That Are and Sam just does not like storms that are and pouring down rain After reading this book I felt good that Hannha s horse is not bad luch after alland it was an enjoyable book A part in the book that really disappointed me was when they were in the middle of a bon fire and it started to pour down rain and they all got socked and wet The part that I really pictured in my head was when they were in their Cowboy costoms socked and wet The part that I really pictured in my head was when they were in Their Cowboy Costoms The Hay Cowboy costoms the hay want to read the same books by the same author because I like they way she writesfunny book amd exciting at some point. Midnight is near Corey begins to worry Something is spooking Sam and its not just Hallowen ghosts and goblin.