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The Hotel NeversinkThis book was good but certainly not as advertised There is a hotel but it shouldn t be compared to the Overlook There is a mystery There is a hotel but it shouldn t be compared to the Overlook There is a mystery there are no clues and no investigations There are ghosts but they are abstract It was a fun read and could have been made better if the book decided what it wanted to be and what genre it is best suited for The ending was slightly satisfying so adding an extra star for the loosely solved case Oddly enough I read an excerpt from the novel in Harper s Magazine this week and so intrigued by the short story I read the novel to find out what happened to the kleptomaniac housekeeper single mom of a young son with olio and the large female hotel guest who offers to Reassuring Tales pay for her son s medical expenses but expects sexual favors in return Lo and behold those characters never surface again in the novel There s a brief mention of the housekeeper but no reappearances To some degree it s a collection of short stories that are connected to the Hotel Neversink than a novel as readers are introduced to a variety of characters mostly related by family to the owners of the hotel and many of these characters don t surface again until the end I Entertaining but it overromises and under delivers What a great read The characters are so well drawn in each chapter and I loved how the The Cat Who Walked Across France plot was moved along through each character s story Have you ever walked around a hotel you were vacationing at and wondered about the lives of theeople around you Or maybe sitting in your room and imagining the life this room has lived before your occupancy The idea can be a little chilling The Hotel Neversink brings these very thoughts to lifeI was nervous starting this book because I feared it was going to be overly historical which it thankfully was not I really enjoyed this book it was something uniue from what I typically read Each chapter makes it easy to connect to the characters and you start to feel like you re art of the family The characterization and details are written very intelligently I went into this thinking I was going to be reading a book about a haunted hotel and it was so much than that This was a story about aging and the ressures we face to Tokyo Encounter please our families with ghost overtonesSee reviews on instagram Unshelvededition If you enjoy interlinked short stories in the vein of Olive Kitteridge this book will likely be for you The stories revolve around the Hotel Neversink a Catskills hotelurchased by Asher Sikorsky a Jewish immigrant and innkeeper in 1931 The hotel is a family affair assed down through the generations Some of the family revere it and others view it as an albatrossIt is a matter of fact that there were two children to disappear on the grounds of the Neversink but this is not the gist of the story The disappearances are but this is not the gist of the story The disappearances are noise a shadow and sadness that is like a continuous fog over the hotel What is important in the story are the eople who travel through the Neversink s doors guests employees owners and children Each Scribbleboy provides an individual look at the Neversink and the hotel becomes something new and special in each storyFor Alice who finds a dead body in a boiler room it is a lifelong trauma one thatrovides her with creative insight and fear of living Jeannie is the model hotelier She loves the Neversink and it is like her spouse or firstborn Hannah is a maid with a case of kleptomania that lands her in a terrible redicament Joseph the black sheep son of Jeannie suffers mental illness and has his large breakdown trying to do standup comedy at the hotel lenny too is comedy at the hotel Lenny too is s son the chosen one to ass on the hotel Can he keep it up to Jeannie s high standards Does he even want toThese are just a few of the fascinating Dear Black Boy people whose lives intersect with the hotel Each one has a narrative that is breathtaking Read this book Glancing at glowing reviews I wondered if I read a different book named The Hotel Neversink It s said to be a multi generational saga a mystery a ghost story wrapped around the history of a large hotel in the Catskills The lastart is true there. Thirty one years after workers first broke ground the magnificent Hotel Neversink in the Catskills finally opens to the ublic Then a young boy disappearsThis mysterious vanishing and the ones that follow will brand the lives of three generations At the root of it all is Asher Sikorsky the ambitious and ru. S a hotel but it s no OverlookWealthy single Foley built a large mansion in the Catskills His first fiancee died of typhoid The next one boarded the Titanic to arrive for their wedding She only gets two sentences so is this meant to be foreshadowing or clever wordplay since the next owner will name it Neversink No the Neversink is a local river and the backstory is extraneous There s a lot of extraneous material throughout the book And then still single as if a really really rich man can t find a wife eyeroll Foley spent the next ten years compulsively adding onto the house Now known locally as Foley s Folly it has ninety three bedrooms three ballrooms a large auditorium and a lot Think Winchester Mystery House without the eccentric architecture designed to alleviate Sarah Winchester s obsessive need to outrun and trick the ghosts she saw everywhere Now forget the ghosts and the word mystery because there s very little of either in this bookFoley s fortune was wiped out after the depression and he jumped from the roof of the house which would in time be The Professional Victims Handbook put up for auction On to chapter one in which we meet aoor and starving Jewish family in Poland See the father shoot their beloved mule and make his beloved daughter watch and watch mom make broth from the hooves when it was all she had left I don t mean to sound heartless Hunger is a massively important social issue and hungry Nightmares Angels people have to eat But this was onlyage 10 and already I was a little jealous of the mule being ut out of its misery The father Asher emigrated to the US accumulated some money sent for the family and you guessed it bought the house at auction which he turned into a hotel he named The Neversink It became a huge success and we re off But not really because for me this book never took offIt s told in eighteen chapters beginning with Asher s daughter Jeannie s story which begins with their life in Poland continues through her elderly father turning management of The Neversink over to her and ends with the disappearance of a little boy The other chapters alternate characters within and without the family including Jeannie s brother Joey who is a Catskills comedian their kids and grandkids There s also the hotel detective and a thieving maid Technically a saga is a long story or series of them and there are indeed four generations in The Hotel Neversink so technically this is a multigenerational saga but it didn t read like one to me It read like a series of character sketches or short stories the kind of short story I finish wondering where the story was What they all have in common is the hotel They re not uniformly bad they re bad in different waysWhat connects everything is the disappearance of a boy named Jonah in 1950 a is the disappearance of a boy named Jonah in 1950 a laying hide and seek with Jeannie s son Over the years local children continued to disappear but they re mentioned very briefly and with no details Joey s daughter Alice was attacked years later and left for dead but she survived and her story was the only one that interested me at all But there are no clues or suspects or any of the elements that make up a mystery Where were the Las alas de la mariposa police the leads the investigation We re not let in on any of it If you re looking for a mystery this is not your bookThroughout The Hotel Neversink certaineople think they see a ghost Is the ghost the erp Is the ghost even a ghost No matter if you re looking for a scary ghost this is not your ghost The strongest reaction I had to this ghost was to scratch my head figuratively and laugh a few times So we have a series of disjointed narratives that Technically Comprise A Saga A comprise a saga a that s central to the book that isn t investigated and remains in the background and a random ghost that s not at all frightening Take the hotel detective lease His job is to investigate only minor hotel crimes guests stealing sugar Rich Men, Single Women packets His chapter is mostly about his upbringing and marriage As for the maid her story comes out of nowhere and returns to nowhere as if it was dropped into the wrong book Then there s the chapter with Asher s great great grand. Thlessatriarch whose urchase of the hotel in 1931 set a haunting legacy into motion His daughter Jeanie sees the Hotel Neversink into its most lucrative era but also its darkest Decades later Asher's grandchildren grapple with the family’s heritage in their own ways Len fights to keep the failing dila. .

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Daughter who brings her roommate to The Neversink He s an aspiring In the Days of the Comet Seventeen Short Stories (Works of H.G. Wells 10) playwright an obnoxious snob and he stages a dramatic rendering of Dante s Inferno at the hotel for which he casts localorn stars to Period Power play the characters of Lust I didn t realize the Catskills had so many unemployedorn stars His character is ridiculous the Biblical Standard for Evangelists play is bonkers and how that arc fits into this saga is beyond meThe end was a little surprising and slightly satisfying I added one star for the closure I received an ARC from theublisher in exchange for my honest reviewI wanted to like this a lot than I did the Until Again premise is fascinating and the beginning chapters are interesting but it lags in the middle I don t think the narratives are tied together enough to make it feel like a cohesive story and the final chapter Ensemble was disjointed and confusing I found myself having to reread severalages to figure out whose Jesus Calling point of view I was in The ending was innovative but overall left me unsatisfied and didn t evoke any kind of reaction from me Therose itself was wonderful to read though The Hotel Neversink is the story of a Catskills resort it s Ebeles Favourite people and it s history as told in a series of short stories The stories are written in the voices of various family members hotel guests and staff and once in a group voice The author Adam O Fallon Price has written a family saga by way of a murder mystery and the book is a gemOther books have been written in this short story style for example Elizabeth Strout s Olive Kitteridge two book set It s an interesting method to read a book I d say you couldick up the book read a story or two and ut it down for next time you have some free time But The Hotel Neversink is such a compelling read in Adam O Fallon Price deft hands that chances are you ll want to read it all in one sittingThe book begins with an Eastern European Jewish family enduring hard times in Silesia in the 1920 s Somehow the family makes it to the United States and some ropitious lending by affluent family members allow the Sikorsky family to buy a huge old hotel and turn it a huge old hotel and turn it the Hotel Neversink Get it The hotel took off and did well as many others in the Catskill region did They attracted Jewish families and groups who found the Catskills with the relative nearness to New York City an attractive The Quiet Front place to spend the summer The family ran the resort through economic ups and downs and the disappearance of several children There was a uestion about the resort but the guests cametil they didn t and the Neversink began its long downward sinking Price s novel is not a long one only 297ages but he manages to introduce about 10 characters in whose voices the book is written All his characters are interesting and none are caricatures which they easily could have been The Hotel Neversink will definitely make my ten best for this year I d assumed this was a horror novel it s actually kind of cosy The Hotel Neversink is essentially a multi generational saga about the fluctuating fortunes of a grand hotel in upstate New York and setting the concluding chapter aside it might be best described as collection of linked short stories Moving through the decades from 1950 to 2012 it narrates the rise and fall of the Sikorskys the family who run the hotel We also get the erspectives of several other characters hotel staff and visitors A mystery connects the stories why do so many children go missing in and around the Neversink A few times it seems the whole thing s going in a supernatural direction but it never really commits and ultimately the book is mostly About Family Friendship And The Vagaries Of Fate I Sometimes family friendship and the vagaries of fate I sometimes it difficult to keep track of who was related to whom I could ve used a Sikorsky family tree but that does at least rove I was interested in connecting the dots This was a swift satisfying read the history of the Hotel Neversink had unfolded before I knew it and I was rather sad to leave the Nights of the Round Table place behindI received an advance review copy of The Hotel Neversink from theublisher through NetGalleyTinyLetter Twitter Instagram Tumblr. Pidated hotel alive and Alice sets out to finally uncover the murderer’s identityTold by a chorus of Sikorsky family members a matriarch a hotel maid a traveling comedian the hotel detective and many others The Hotel Neversink is the ortrait of a Jewish family in the Catskills over the course of a centu. ,